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monthlymeeples t1_je9zsx0 wrote

I feel like AR is poised to make a huge jump forward, but like many technologies it's dependent on the hardware. As soon as those AR glasses become cheaper and less obtrusive, AR is going to explode in usefulness.


VanillaElectrical331 t1_jea1noz wrote

Just like cellphones... And they'll probably replace cellphones at some point


monthlymeeples t1_jeb5g0r wrote

Shit someone should make a cell phone AR glasses already. It would sell even at a high price point. Shit I'd love one.


VanillaElectrical331 t1_jebc797 wrote

Pretty sure Google Glass had a phone feature... But, that was barely an interface let alone AR


ParadigmCG t1_jebp8e1 wrote

To life in real life huh?

Guess I'll die


mrstubali t1_je9pv8y wrote

Do these people play DnD? Let's see a CR 18-20 encounter in 3.5 looks like.


ParadigmCG t1_jebpi8j wrote

I've been playing d&d for like 23 years and this looks super cool idk what you're trying to say.

The new tech doesn't look perfect?


mrstubali t1_jebwzqs wrote

Oh sure just wanted to see what happens when DnD is being played out in its most complicated instances