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el_doherz t1_jdqbjan wrote

Well based on the lawmakers in most countries we'll get watered down borderline useless laws roughly a decade after the point where they would have actually stopped anything.


Straight-Comb-6956 t1_jdrbojm wrote

This and also useless restrictions for businesses like having to show messages "you're about to read a text that may influence your opinions. Do you want to proceed?".


sarathepeach t1_jdr1tkb wrote

Lawmakers can’t even wrap their heads around a basic google search let along complex neurotechnology. It’s already too late.


WeedRavioli t1_jdtjqfc wrote

Theres someone younger that made a device which essentially lets you play video games with your mind, so instead of using controllers you use your mind.

So yeah these politicians will have a worse time trying to understand this than they did with facebook.


Badtrainwreck t1_jdqp7pq wrote

The technology is very far off, if it’s even possible since the human brain is very complex, but I wouldn’t be scared of it being used to just regularly read the thoughts of the average person as they go on their day to day.

I’d be terrified to work at a company, where your thoughts are used to gather input for the companies system and then it directs the actions of employees like a hive. All parts working in tandem to create maximum profitability. Your skills are no longer important, only your ability to be connected to the machine, because it takes care of the thinking for you, you’re just a data collection center.

Then the system grows, now you’re not just a customer, but in order to get the best prices you agree to allow your thoughts to be read. You need a new television, the warehouse puts it into the truck, the delivery driver is on his way, the TV manufacturer starts building another to replace it, the raw resources are mined as necessary.

Inventory is no longer about just-in-time delivery. We are beyond that, the system happens in tandem. The economy is one, we can eliminate redundancy, only one CEO is needed to operate the economy. He is God, we worship him for the efficiency for which he gave us, we are so thankful for what he and his lineage have done for us freeing us from the bondage that was our precious lives. Thankfully those who did not see his glorious generosity are no longer with us, those who refused to participate and those who questioned our God were not able to get the medicine and goods they needed as efficiently as us, all who sin are deserving of their fall.

All worship Jeff Bezos the 46th of his name, God most high, Master of Efficiency


LoafyLemon t1_jdr1c6w wrote

You say it's far off, but it's already possible to draw images you imagine while wearing a headset.


booksfoodfun t1_jdr9gop wrote

In case anyone wants more details, here is a link.


icoder t1_jdrreyp wrote

This is only after 20hrs of training on your individual responses, using an (f)MRI machine and only manages to come up with a description of what you are explicitly visualizing. To me, that's far off.


booksfoodfun t1_jdrrqos wrote

Oh, I agree with you. I was linking additional info for what OP was talking about.


apple-pie2020 t1_jdrj2u7 wrote

Your second paragraph pretty much defines social media. My thoughts (likes, shares, time on video) are inputs used by the company to direct the actions of the algorithm to reward content creators. My skills are not important. Only my ability to remain connected and engaged.

It’s already happening at this very moment as I type this out


rigsta t1_jds4ev2 wrote

Intrusions into the mind have been around for a very long time, we just call it advertising.


lightknight7777 t1_jdqh9e8 wrote

Tech that reads the mind is very interesting. I don't think general public scanning is possible or likely, but I imagine the early tech to allow you to use your brain to control things like your phone and stuff will be the first risk point for corporate abuse.

It's a very exciting future if the tech continues to develop. Not having to touch devices will be very useful and interesting in the future.


the_red_scimitar t1_jdqxxsn wrote

Why don't you think it's possible? Are you aware that right now, the location and position of every person in a room that has wifi can be detected externally, as one example? This isn't the tech to scan brains (maybe), but it's an example of how extreme we can go.


lightknight7777 t1_jdrquuy wrote

Because absolutely all of our tech requires wearable or implanted devices. Location is world's apart from articulate thought reading.

The strength of waves able to detect thoughts from a distance would be insanely powerful and potentially deadly, but there's simply no tech being reported on that doesn't have devices on the head.

Anyone is free to educate me if I'm missing something out there on this.


Geeky-resonance t1_jdsvpjh wrote

Tech doesn’t necessarily have to read brain waves in order to violate the privacy of our minds.

Haven’t we already read about facial recognition cameras with processing algorithms fast enough to “read” micro-expressions? A quick search brought up technical discussions as well as commercial products going back several years.

If equipment and image processing software can be refined to that level, our private emotions will no longer be private while we are in range of cameras.


lightknight7777 t1_jdswrfk wrote

Ah, we're talking about broadcasting information and not obtaining it? Anyone would be justified to physically defend themselves from such a thing.


abx99 t1_jdse3h8 wrote

All they really have to do is make the tech collect and report that information, and get everyone to wear it just as much as they do with their phones now. It wouldn't be exactly the same, but with some cultural manipulation they could get it pretty damn close.


Artitic_Camel t1_jdrp6ms wrote

The book Feed by MT Anderson is coming to life


Leiryn t1_jdschdc wrote

Will any law makers? Not in the US because big tech will just buy them all


Sooth_Sprayer t1_jdtut0f wrote

Y'see, this right here is why we should not wear tinfoil hats.

Tin doesn't block gamma rays. We should wear lead foil hats.


Diddydinglecronk t1_jduyhue wrote

This can't end well for the guys doing the mind-reading.

They'll marvel, when they see it.


seanrbrantley t1_jdr6yme wrote

She’s onto something though because I’ll have some random shit like shrek go through my mind, not speak a word about it, no type a word about it, just have a thought, and it’ll be shoved in my face later that day by some streaming service or website. Shits freaky


MSMSMS2 t1_jdqdu2f wrote

Article sounded like she is high on conspiracy theories.


[deleted] t1_jdqeq2x wrote

20 years ago, saying that in the future you would have had an entire industrial complex made of private companies and government agencies spying on your internet behavior sounded like a conspiracy, too.

Yet here we are.


MSMSMS2 t1_jdr0dpo wrote

It would have been in the realm of the plausible.