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keetboy t1_jdferd4 wrote

Still true as of late 2022 iirc anecdotally. Company tried to verify a friend’s employment history and everything about their senior software engineer was changed to associate with a level similar to the sales associate at the Apple Store.


Long_Cut5163 t1_jdfibj2 wrote

Well, even if that's true, as a former Apple engineer, all you need to have is a coworker reference that can vouch for you. I'm not sure why another company would be able to search through an employee database of a different company in the first place.


When I was working there you had to be on the company vpn to search the employee database but it's been a few years so I don't know what's changed.


keetboy t1_jdfiz0j wrote

I mean the person thankfully passed the tech interviews and had good references. It’s just a shitty practice