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Super_Automatic t1_jdgkv52 wrote

Entirely possible. I was in the office for 9 years prior to 2020, and like I said - I was super happy to leave it behind.


do_you_even_ship_bro t1_jdgn6c6 wrote

In a thread I saw someone say they were looking forward to everyone coming back to the office. But people pointed out traffic would be worse, the office would be loud, and other general annoyances. I’ve been mixed since it started and I can say when I start missing one reality hits and I realize I don’t. Home is just better for a lot of reasons, but for me it’s mostly sleeping in. And traffic just sucks.


Super_Automatic t1_jdgnw8k wrote

There is a weird aspect of the human brain that we tend to forget minor nuisances. That doesn't take away from them sucking in the moment, but I commuted for 9 years and I can't recall any one specific commute, in the same way that I can't recall any one specific diaper I changed for my kids (and there were hundreds).

I think we gave up an experience which is better remembered, for an experience that feels better in the moment. The analogy of having kids comes to mind.