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0x15e t1_jctrzjn wrote

China is producing Samsung products? I’m gonna need a reference for that.


[deleted] t1_jctsjkn wrote

My Samsung SSD 970 EVO is made in china. I am the reference.

(No, it's not fake. Yes, it performs on par with the expected benchmarks)


Mist_Rising t1_jcuc6kn wrote

No south Korea is not manufacturing most of the goods it's companies make anymore then your Toyota was made in Japan. China (PRC not Taiwan I believe) manufacturer a lot.


0x15e t1_jcvapjn wrote

I honestly thought Korea, or at least Samsung, was doing their own manufacturing for some reason. TIL



[deleted] t1_jd0caw4 wrote

Some of the stuff sure, but they don't have the capacity to supply the entire market.