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pressedbread t1_jctc7q1 wrote

Also just found out legitimate 980 Pro (mostly 2TB version) have a serious firmware error. Download samsung magician software direct from samsung website and it will tell you on the console if you need to update firmware.

I just saw than my SSD purchased Feb *2022 was running the bad firmware version


happyscrappy t1_jcwi838 wrote

Well shit, my Pro is in my PS5. This is going to be a big hassle.


pressedbread t1_jcwnq56 wrote

Check the firmware version if you can in the device. My version "3B2QGXA7 " was apparently known issue from this article:


happyscrappy t1_jcwnwi2 wrote

I did a firmware update (which didn't update anything, just said it was up to date) in my PC before installing it in the PS5.

I should have written down the version number when I did that.


emsharas t1_jcu4qqh wrote

What was the error?


ImpurestFire t1_jcutirg wrote

Not sure if these were the exact drives we used at my work but we've had issues recently with some of the servers we've built and shipped out that run off of Samsung M.2 drives. What we would see is the "available spare percent" steadily declining. We've had to ship replacement servers for this. It was either these drives or the 990s.


[deleted] t1_jcw149w wrote



pressedbread t1_jcwo6t4 wrote

Oops I wrote the wrong date, mine wasn't an early release it was from Feb 2022. Had been out a couple years. I lean towards reliability, try to not buy anything brand new to market. *except maybe CPU and GPU


REPOST_STRANGLER_V2 t1_jcwtheo wrote

Samsung seem to always bring out products with issues, my Q80T still has a flickering issue with VRR or when switching from a different source to my PC, I also had to return a G7 because the VRR caused flicker and had scanlines on anything with red in it.

Samsung products just seem to have terrible QC and not even very good products.


siegmour t1_jctab9t wrote

Thank you for the heads up


humorous_ t1_jctixv1 wrote

My legit 980 Pro didn’t even last a full year and Samsung had such a mess of a supply chain at the time they just refunded my purchase instead of honoring the 5-year warranty. Can’t imagine these fakes will be any more reliable…


radewagon t1_jcua29u wrote

A while back, I bought a Samsung SSD from Amazon and the sticker seal had clearly been carefully peeled away and later resealed. I didn't even bother opening it. Just sent it right back stating why. Got a full refund and promised myself I'd never buy products that are commonly counterfeited from Amazon ever again.


Beneficial-Shower-42 t1_jcy5ku3 wrote

If I'm buying something as important as a new SSD I go to Bestbuy. Even if it costs more I want to see what I'm buying. I agree buying certain things from Amazon can be counterfeit.


ItsDathaniel t1_jcu32ay wrote

I got one from Walmart like 18 months ago, wasn’t even an NVMe drive. They sent a SATA drive that was only 128gb in brand new packaging.


littleMAS t1_jcu6ryw wrote

This reminds me of 'copywatches' made in China. They were once obviously cheap knock-offs of Rolex watches but gradually approached a level of craft that could fool experts. Their prices rose accordingly.


killum101 t1_jcvaof3 wrote

The big brands often sell a lower quality mechanism to 3rd parties, who then make their own cases. So counterfeits buy them, make a fake case and sell them as high end watches.


Toad32 t1_jctnjlr wrote

It's a shame, the 970 po is my favorite NvME drive drive to date. I slap a PCIe adaptor on it and replaced all my of the flash storage for my servers.


thebluick t1_jcvjyud wrote

I just tried to install one and the laptop never picked it up.


MentalMachine t1_jcxdnc8 wrote

Given most of the comments are critical of Samsung tech/QC, which company/companies should people look at for SSD's these days?


SeaFairing-Yogurt t1_jcw681r wrote

Buy sabrent they are faster when testing and the company is nice.


evorna t1_jctd274 wrote

Let me guess, counterfeit good produced by…………. China?


[deleted] t1_jctgv8p wrote

Considering they also produce the original goods and everything else around you... yeah?


0x15e t1_jctrzjn wrote

China is producing Samsung products? I’m gonna need a reference for that.


[deleted] t1_jctsjkn wrote

My Samsung SSD 970 EVO is made in china. I am the reference.

(No, it's not fake. Yes, it performs on par with the expected benchmarks)


Mist_Rising t1_jcuc6kn wrote

No south Korea is not manufacturing most of the goods it's companies make anymore then your Toyota was made in Japan. China (PRC not Taiwan I believe) manufacturer a lot.


0x15e t1_jcvapjn wrote

I honestly thought Korea, or at least Samsung, was doing their own manufacturing for some reason. TIL



[deleted] t1_jd0caw4 wrote

Some of the stuff sure, but they don't have the capacity to supply the entire market.