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Full-Ask3638 t1_jdc30iq wrote

Ah. Explains why they disabled the chat history recently.


141_1337 t1_jdcwa5f wrote

The irony is not losr on me that this is the company that wants to regulatory capture the emergent AI market. Yeah, no, if anything, open AI should be forced to make their shit open source so that weaknesses like this can be automatically patched.


blueSGL t1_jdd7maq wrote

After refusing to say how many parameters GPT4 has, refusing to give over any details of training dataset or methodology and doing so in the name of staying 'competitive' I'm taking the stance that they are going to do everything in their power to obfuscate the size of the model and how much it costs to run.

e.g. Sam Altman has said in the past that the model would be a lot smaller than people expect and that more data can be crammed into smaller models. (Chinchilla and especially the very recent Llama papers prove this)

Would I put it past the new 'competitive' profit driven OpenAI to rate limit a GPT4 that is actually similar in size to GPT3 to give the impression the model is bigger and takes more compute to generate answers? No (as the difference in inference cost is pure profit)


141_1337 t1_jdd8rfs wrote

This is insane because if by close sourcing this, they are slowing down the rate of advancement and discovery since now everyone has to reinvent the wheel.


drawkbox t1_jddii1o wrote

ChatGPT basically used Google Brain created AI tech, transformers. These were used to build ClosedGPT. For that reason it is NopeGPT. ChatGPT is really just datasets, which no one knows, they could swap at any time run some misinformation then swap the next day. This is data blackboxing and gaslighting at the up most level. Not only that it is largely funded by authoritarian or originally authoritarian money...

Google Brain and other tech is way more open already than "Open"AI.

ChatGPT/OpenAI just front ran the commercial side, but long term they aren't really innovating like Google is on this. They look like a leader from the marketing/pump but they are a follower.


EnsignElessar t1_jdcpcsr wrote

I just want to apologize in advance for those of you that have access to my account.


whyreadthis2035 t1_jddlagl wrote

Was it a bug, or did ChatGPT decide any attention is good attention?


nucflashevent t1_jdfqhve wrote

Damn now all my (fascinating actually lol) discussions of theories on the nature of UFOs is likely out for the entire world to see! :P