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ErikPanic t1_iu2lr1v wrote

That's shockingly high. I'm pretty suspicious of how that percentage was calculated.


ShinySpoon t1_iu2sx1m wrote

So you give “a safe bet” with zero sources and I give you a source that you’re “suspicious” of. I guess just wild ass guesses are your preferred data sources? Ok, good luck.


geekynerdynerd t1_iu5juqj wrote

You should be. The article appears to be using the FCC's data, which is notoriously misleading, and according to a footnote, they (the FCC) are including any ISP which uses fiber at some point in the connection. So fiber means not just Fiber to the Premises(FTTP) but also Fiber to The Node (FTTN), Fiber to the Street(FTTS), Fiber to the Distribution Point (FTTDP), etc etc.

The fiber connection could be two to three city blocks away, not being offered to you at all, and still count under that measure.

The real number is completely unknown at the moment, as the FCC has basically operated under an honor system when it comes to coverage information for the last 20 years or so, and only began the process of changing that about a year or two ago.