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jimsensei t1_itqii53 wrote

They should move it to my house, T-mobile doesn’t provide service there.


Nitr0Sage t1_itqp04c wrote

You in Nebraska? The entire state is like a blank spot on their map


DrZaious t1_itru0kr wrote

That and the Medesto lake in CA, any one who has been to Dirty Bird west coast campout knows. Only Verizon works in random areas.


ShinePale t1_itr64do wrote

Just breach your lucrative military contracts. WCGW?


ClockworkBlues t1_itrbocn wrote

It’s still open because to close it would require you either release prisoners or relocate them to prisons in the US. No politician wants to have to say they released terrorists or have them relocated to the states they need to win over for an election.


medraxus t1_itr6vak wrote

Activists hounding random companies to bend to their whims is so cringe


RedVelvetCake425 t1_itrmr7y wrote

Let me get this straight, Guantánamo Bay gets cell service from T-Mobile yet I can’t get cell service from T-Mobile in the middle of downtown Seattle?!


flukz t1_itru4ie wrote

There's a T-Mobile store on Broadway. Just like, hang out there.


Thopterthallid t1_ittax5v wrote

I went waterboarding at Guantanamo Bay last summer. Wasn't as fun as it sounded.


justgottono t1_itr51al wrote

What about the military personnel there? Do they use T-mobile?


PoorPDOP86 t1_itt7f65 wrote

I wonder if they know it's a military base and not a spooky castle.


Independent_184 t1_itr8h0i wrote

They are just like Facebook a private company


[deleted] t1_itrgj2w wrote



CompassionateCedar t1_its9bun wrote

Step 1) don’t support them, it’s a free market. Step 2) tell others why you don’t support them and hope they join you Step 3) noo cancel culture bad.


MrPissedHimself t1_itrgzty wrote

I wonder how long you'd have to be quizzed before inconsistencies arise


Doggo-Lovato t1_itrhhb2 wrote

Probably just as long as you

Edit: TIL only one side is inconsistent with the “its a private company defense” and anyone who disagrees with me on that is arguing in bad faith and has no self awareness. /s


tgwombat t1_itrv7zy wrote

How do I earmark my tax dollars so that they don’t go towards paying for the government’s contracts with T-Mobile exactly?