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I_live_there t1_iubt3vf wrote

It was retired mid June...


Abby-Someone1 t1_iubxqo1 wrote

It will never actually retire.


IkouyDaBolt t1_iuby12o wrote

Of course, though the cake icon will retire tomorrow for 364 days.


linuxgator t1_iuczor4 wrote

Yes, but OP was using internet explorer, so the page finally loaded.


zymology t1_iufcyym wrote

This bit actually did just come out this past week:

"Note: The retired, out-of-support Internet Explorer 11 desktop application will be permanently disabled on certain versions of Windows 10 as part of the February 2023 Windows security update ("B" release) scheduled for February 14, 2023."


iyamyuarr t1_iudy95c wrote

It’s just getting the article to us now, internet explorer is trying its best

Edit: y’all can’t take a joke


9-11GaveMe5G t1_iubrqsd wrote

I would be shocked if there weren't one (if not more) government agencies that have long term support contracts. Remember governments all around the world use these products


Gurgiwurgi t1_iubt8ov wrote

I doubt they have any support contracts for IE 11... they're still paying for IE 6 support.


diiejso t1_iubxktu wrote

I had to support IE6 for way too long bc a government site we worked with would only function on it. We had a special VM just for using that website.


Alternative_Dish740 t1_iuccqhe wrote

My father had to resort to deliberately wearing out a machine's hard drive and corrupting the backup image to get his job to finally stop using Winblows 95 for some obscure business software that a handful of suits refused to upgrade from.

Of course blame shit hit the blades hard but at that point he was actually sick enough of the nightmare of supporting those machines in an XP environment that he was willing to risk getting fired or worse to get rid of them.


OliverIsMyCat t1_iud5zbg wrote

Well if he had to go out of his way to break it, sounds like it was holding up just fine.

Remember, the probable function for your dad's job was to SUPPORT the computing needs of those suits. Of course he got shit for doing the literal opposite to make his own job easier.

Also, we're allowed to shit on IE. But Win95 was bomb.


Alternative_Dish740 t1_iud7vgq wrote

It was only holding up fine because it was given top priority the minute anything looked like it wasn't, at the expense of multiple other systems.

And every time something actually DID break it took exponentially more time to fix because of the antiquated, shaky software and slow-ass hardware..


Keudn883 t1_iudqwze wrote

Just because the older software is working doesn't mean risks don't exist. If the software isn't supported by the vendor anymore you are just one problem away from a massive amount unrecoverable data loss. If the software is no longer updated against modern security standards then it's just a door waiting to be breached.


missed_sla t1_iubwnr1 wrote

I know for a fact that some federal agencies and their contractors still require IE compatibility. Now, we're able to use IE mode in Edge, but it still uses activex and requires punching some ransomware-sized holes in security.


Bleusilences t1_iuc5scc wrote

Activex what a fucking joke and waste of time that was.


LeoRidesHisBike t1_iucczrh wrote

Some amazing 20/20 hindsight there. When ActiveX was a thing the web was much less hostile. The concept of ActiveX (let devs use existing COM controls and native code to do "real software" vs the limited things JavaScript could do) was pretty cool, just didn't anticipate how many security risks were hidden.

We didn't get that same level of efficiency in browsers again until Web Assembly... 20 years later.

Native software is so flexible/powerful that's the only safe thing to do is completely isolate it from browser execution. But that wasn't well known at the time.


dkran t1_iudoout wrote

Macromedia flash suffered from this a lot too. Who knew how badly browsers needed to be 100% sandboxed back then? Java Applets, OCX, Flash. I think I still to this day have a severe reservation about installing anything that can interact with the web browser. I don’t even like links opening apps


Fancy-You3022 t1_iucdm8u wrote

QuickBooks Pro Desktop 222 is still dependent on IE Active X. Tried disabling IE on a computer as a part of the Hardening process and QuickBooks refused to run until I enabled it.


dkran t1_iudoxtn wrote

Yeah I got a letter or email from intuit explaining this a few months ago. I really don’t like the fact that one of the most major accounting software programs in existence is reliant on such legacy technology, but then again airplanes are still programmed with floppy disks


thecstep t1_iuf5imh wrote

Yep. And IE mode requires IE to be installed.


a_Tin_of_Spam t1_iubxkt2 wrote

the amount of businesses, hospitals, shops and even governments who still use windows 7 if not an older windows OS is horrifying.


MrZorg58 t1_iuby0n9 wrote

The US military still uses windows XP, and pays Microsoft for updates, ONLY they get.


drekmonger t1_iuc61bp wrote

Up until 2019 US military still had 8 inch floppy disks as an integral part of running nuclear silos. The software and hardware is still mostly stuff from out of the 70s.



Iceykitsune2 t1_iueoa3x wrote

And the only reason they changed was inability to find a supplier.


LookingForEnergy t1_iubz7ea wrote

As time goes on and less people use XP, would that make it more secure?


googonite t1_iuc1kui wrote

security through obscurity antiquity


BubblyKombucha t1_iuc3rhn wrote

Eventually compilers for popular programming languages drop any support for Windows XP so new malware can't even be built that would run on it, unless the malware developers themselves ran 10-year-old obsolete versions of compilers... but then the program libraries they might depend on have also moved on and don't work w/ such an old compiler. On a long enough time scale, Windows XP could be safe from new threats arising. ;)


prophetofthepimps t1_iuc4kf2 wrote

Not safe from State Actors though. Only non-state actors won't bother.


141_1337 t1_iuc5znq wrote

I'm guessing because state actors would have the resources to find such antique software?


Guac_in_my_rarri t1_iuc5s48 wrote

Wait till you hear about the tax software the IRS uses....


SkyNetIsNow t1_iudgpf0 wrote

They literally have employees typing data from paper forms into the computer for the paper tax documents they receive. Which is why they want people to file electronically. They are just exploring OCR options with no clean plans about if or when to use it in the future.


Alternative_Dish740 t1_iuccw7j wrote

Literally how my old Win 3.11 machine is safe when I dial up one of the few remaining BBS's for nostalgia. 32/64 bit programs cant run on it and so neither can any viruses.


dkran t1_iudq5ae wrote

Hmm… I wonder how many windows 3.11 computers are still out there; maybe it’s worth writing one! I miss that clunky ms-dos overlay.


Bleusilences t1_iuc5uxg wrote

Yeah, but for once, I kind of understand if the computer is running special software. It's ok as long as it doesn't connect to a network.


Helpful_Put_5274 t1_iuc1u3d wrote

I was working for a company that was still using Windows 3.11 for testing, when I retired 3 year's ago.


Guac_in_my_rarri t1_iuc5p7t wrote

I work for an auto parts supplier who used IE until it died. Our outsourced/employed IT folk are losing their collective marbels because they're trying to find a browser of choice. IE was the gold standard to them, meanwhile the rest of us use chrome or Firefox.


Razzamanazz t1_iuc0si9 wrote

I have to support a few. I have an old but locked down server farm that has IE published as a remote app for people to use. It's not even close to the most screwed up ancient thing I have manage.


Angelworks42 t1_iue6vkg wrote

I do endpoint engineering (for a state entity no less) - it's actually end of life in February 2023 and will be patched until then - plus everyone has been told it's been deprecated for over a year now.

So what about sites that actually still need it? I only have one customer in our enterprise who absolutely requires it and it's not a government app - it's Oracle's Micros Opera Property Management System.

Even our on prem ERP (enterprise resource planner) we were able to upgrade nearly 10 years ago to support modern browsers - and this is an app that has been around since the 60s.

It's going to be fine because Microsoft Edge Enterprise Site List. The way it works is we have a policy where the clients know about certain urls to automatically enable IE mode. The end user is really not even aware it kicks off. You can read more about it here:

You see while iexplore.exe is going away - all the api's will live in forever because there's tons of apps that use them - and you might not even know it.

Yes there are better ways of doing web content in an app in Windows like Web Edgeview, but IE compatibility will likely be with us well beyond Windows 12 and 13 - just like hta's and mfc.

So no there's zero issues for any sys admin who knows anything about Windows.


allegate t1_iudsno3 wrote

We have to use ie11 for a govIT-run webpage to request computer access. If you use edge or chrome it auto-opens ie11 for you.


hobbykitjr t1_iudc4qa wrote

My son's xray this week was viewed on a really old IE


t2guns t1_iubyw0n wrote

Did you use IE to find this article? It's from June and was big news.


Pokemansparty t1_iuezri0 wrote

How am I supposed to browse the web on Windows XP without I.E.??


GrowsTastyTomatoes t1_iubtzh2 wrote

Good riddance. Best use was for downloading Firefox or Chrome after a new install.


Freds_Premium t1_iubxa65 wrote

You mean Netscape Navigator


gameleon t1_iucntin wrote

Doesnt Netscape Navigator predate IE?


LarxII t1_iucz2mf wrote

Was specifically made to kill it. Microsoft doesn't like competitors using their hardware.


nezeta t1_iubxwzy wrote

As a web developer, IE has been always the most troublesome browser and I'm glad they're gone. I especially spent so much time in IE7/IE9, as my boss and clients asked me to support those darned stinkers.

...Now we have to deal with Safari that are equally erratic yet hold the biggest userbase. Worse, they're actually two (on Mac and iPhone).


c0d3s1ing3r t1_iucg1r4 wrote

Safari still hasn't gone chromium based?


Marulok123 t1_iucni65 wrote

What do you think Apple would ever do anything to open up their ecosystem willingly?


hamnoo9 t1_iufh415 wrote

Safari was actually developed using WebKit which is open source

Google forked Webkit to produce Chromium.


2MegaWhats t1_iue6caf wrote

Safari is Webkit which Chromium was forked from.


Spydrchick t1_iubwqu7 wrote

RIP IE 11, I never knew ye.

Long live Firefox


LostNTheNoise t1_iubx8v5 wrote

Thank God I have Netscape Navigator as my backup.


HeavensCriedBlood t1_iubxi2a wrote

Thank fuck. Working in IT with IE11 was a nightmare because it's so archaic nowadays.


ZombieFrenchKisser t1_iuc20kf wrote

Lmao now we just have to make all of the applications in Edge run in IE mode.


microlard t1_iubz3ho wrote

Welcome to June of 2022. #OldNewsReposted

Up next: Windows XP is officially not supported.


MisterGko t1_iuc0ut1 wrote

I’m still supporting windows xp at my job 🤦‍♂️


Tweho OP t1_iuc7j9p wrote

The joke.mp4

Internet explorer being slow.


microlard t1_iufhtzm wrote

That joke played out a long time ago and isn’t funny/clever/interesting any longer.


mishugashu t1_iuc320i wrote

Yes, back in June... why is this here? This was news months ago.


NanditoPapa t1_iuc6fxx wrote

FTA "Microsoft Edge Enterprise Internet Explorer 11 will be permanently disabled for certain versions of Windows 10 as part of the February 2023 Windows security update (“B”) release scheduled for February 14, 2023."


MrZorg58 t1_iuby6ig wrote

I only used it, long long ago. Netscape beat it out though. Now I use Opera.


touchytypist t1_iuc2fwe wrote

We standardized on Edge right before the IE retirement so it’s not even a blip on our radar. So nice only having to support and update a single native browser.


Joebebs t1_iuc74xk wrote

Dang it probably maybe had 2-3 years of a solid run in my life during early 2000’s until I discovered Mozilla Firefox


Afro_Thunder69 t1_iucbfyn wrote

Edge isn't so bad as a replacement, it's leagues ahead of IE. I recently got a netbook that's pretty didn't even run Firefox well. Runs Edge great though with all my same extensions and whatnot.


iNyander t1_iucd5up wrote

Except Edge is integrated into Windows like cancer, and it cutting it out (even inside LTSC) is difficult without hacks.


jasongw t1_iucendn wrote

LTSC sucks ass. We've just finished purging that turd from our corporate network after some pinhead former systems engineer who still lives in 1998 deployed it to hundreds of machines.

Edge chromium, incidentally, is an excellent browser. Better than Google Chrome, in fact.


iNyander t1_iucl15w wrote

Sounds like your pinhead former systems engineer found a better offer with higher pay.


jasongw t1_iufpqvj wrote

Eventually perhaps, but he got booted.


iNyander t1_iufrawt wrote

Ok, so do enlighten me as to why you think LTSC sucks ass. What isn't working for you that works in Enterprise? Genuinely curious.

LTSC is intended for stability and security, which is on the opposite end of spectrum of the "beta test" Home/Pro consumer editions.

In the same sense you claim LTSC is garbage, I could easily claim X build of Windows is garbage because it introduces a slew of unexpected issues.


jasongw t1_iug3o98 wrote

LTSB/C is not intended for desktop deployment. It is designed for deployments on medical devices, ATM machines and similar use cases where its functionality doesn't need to evolve over time.

LTSB/C introduces issues for different reasons: it doesn't have the full range of functionality as a desktop focused edition of Windows does, which means in turn that numerous applications either don't work correctly or completely, and good luck figuring that out in advance.

The entire mentality of leaving a PC in feature stasis for years on end is there kind of antiquated bullshit we did back in the 90's and early 00's. It worked at that time and I'm that context, but it does not work in 2022.


iNyander t1_iug6gle wrote

You're not answering my question. What is not working for you? Or are you just making an issue out of a nonissue?

> it doesn't have the full range of functionality as a desktop focused edition of Windows does

That is utter nonsense. It has everything Windows needs to function normally.


jasongw t1_iug6pdh wrote

I answered your question. The fact that you don't like the answer is your own problem.

LTSB/C is not intended for normal desktop use. Period.


iNyander t1_iug70en wrote

No you didn't. I am asking for a specific example. You are dodging the question with a blanket statement that doesn't really address anything.

You shooting for the CEO of Adobe?


jamhamnz t1_iucjl6l wrote

A bit like IE in the Win 98-XP days


iNyander t1_iuckmm8 wrote

Except IE wasn't spinning up pointless background tasks and services. You could also remove it via Add/Remove Programs.

Edge can't be disabled, and unless you clusterbomb the whole thing and rip it out of the OS, the service recreate the auto update scheduler tasks.


jamhamnz t1_iucl4f9 wrote

Wasn't Windows Explorer completely integrated with IE at one stage in Windows history?


teh_maxh t1_iucoe25 wrote

Not completely, just enough to (unconvincingly) tell the Justice Department that it wouldn't be possible to ship Windows without Internet Explorer.


Alternative_Dish740 t1_iucd1vx wrote

Firefox sadly is such a bloated slow-ass memory hog now that the devs should be put in a pillory and pelted with rotten tomatoes.


olssoneerz t1_iucgdse wrote

Our company still has to support IE11. The funny thing is that since its also no longer supported by Microsoft, Im also not allowed to have it installed locally.

I have to hop into a VM just to check if any changes I’ve done works on this pos browser.


BigKittyNutz t1_iucbdhb wrote

The company I work for have a camera system that uses internet explorer to work properly. Now we're force to us internet explorer mode in edge which doesn't always work.


jasongw t1_iuceody wrote

Time to upgrade your camera system.


GreedyRyan t1_iufvyu9 wrote

Can we inform the DOD of this?


op-trienkie t1_iubxa5a wrote

“To many millions of you, thank you for using Internet Explorer as your gateway to the internet.” Literally yes I use it to dl Chrome lolz


dkran t1_iudqd3n wrote

I’d recommend using chrome to download Firefox


boraca t1_iucf5si wrote

winget install -e --id Google.Chrome


FoMoCoguy1983 t1_iubygd1 wrote

My government agency transitioned away from IE months ago in preparation for this. We use Edge


DOA-FAN t1_iubzbdw wrote

What took it so long ? 😅


Rodville t1_iuc1hsy wrote

Then tell me why if you open a help link why does win 11 still open IE and not Edge?


pi-N-apple t1_iuc2vz9 wrote

Because the article says its happening "officially" in 2023.


Rodville t1_iuc4b5i wrote

Then the title of this thread is a bit misleading the. Isn’t it.


TDYDave2 t1_iuc8rl5 wrote

Can you give an example please.
Everything I have tried opens an Edge window.


Rodville t1_iuc94s4 wrote

I was trying to get my WiFi to work and the troubleshooter gave me a link to the website and it kept opening in IE but the page kept saying IE was no longer supported but it happened so fast I kept missing the link to try in edge. The troubleshooter wouldn’t let me right click on it just kept opening and IE kept changing the address in the bar to something/not supported before I could see the site it wanted me to go to. I gave up and went back to 10 as my pc wasn’t supported to begin with.


TDYDave2 t1_iucbipz wrote

Seems to be a user/machine specific issue and not a general Windows 11 issue. The wifi troubleshooter opens in Edge on my machine.


ImperialArmorBrigade t1_iuc6vnj wrote

I still have to use certain government sites that don’t work right in other browsers.


parisinla t1_iuc7ryu wrote

First cavil and now this!


jasongw t1_iuceqi2 wrote

Ugh, I hate that they brought Henry Cavill back. Worst. Superman. Ever.


ValiantDan77 t1_iuc9uq2 wrote

Great, now I can forget about the large amount of time being spent having to run all the antivirus software because of internet exploder.


Owl_yeet94 t1_iucaazf wrote

Be quiet it doesn't know it yet...


Alternative_Dish740 t1_iucchj1 wrote

It should have been force-deleted in an update and the screams for its reinstatement to be ignored.


sheba716 t1_iuchiki wrote

I prefer Chrome but my company switched to Edge when IE was retired. There is one particular web based program we use that is only supported by Edge.


covidapocalypse t1_iuciybm wrote

Good this browser has been stumbling away from the grim reaper for eons. Only aided and abetted by fossil companies not upgrading their software Thats heavily depended on it.

Do not shed a tear. Put away your black suit/dress - this passing is good


Ok-Row-6131 t1_iuf8fhw wrote

As someone who works at one of said fossil companies, there's not a chance anything will change for me.


covidapocalypse t1_iuf8qrw wrote

Have worked at some like that. Nothing changes until a security breach


Trextrev t1_iucjk2k wrote

Crap, and it just finished loading for me.


rigsta t1_iuck82y wrote

Somebody please tell my employer.


AusomeOllie10 t1_iucmelm wrote

Now, when are they retrieving edge!


bwoah07_gp2 t1_iucn7rw wrote

The amount of times I heard this and seen this headline...


Not-Romit t1_iucng66 wrote

It was just rebrand as the guitarist from U2


RECoyote t1_iucqewh wrote

Only used it to get Firefox.


rackmountme t1_iucvveb wrote

It will only truly be gone when it disappears from my analytics 🥳


ShhmooPT t1_iud4tbl wrote

Is Internet explorer aware of this or still processing the news?


ptizzle9 t1_iud6rcu wrote

I consult for two companies who use Microsoft Sharepoint. They both map their network drives. Microsoft only allows you to do this via Internet Explorer, no other browser works.

I fully support shutting down IE but why make stupid restrictions like this so that now people are out of luck.


derpoftheirish t1_iud732r wrote

The Federal Maritime Commission's online application portal, the only method to apply for authority to act as an Ocean Transport Intermediary in the USA as they no longer accept paper applications, only works in Internet Explorer. Any other browser and the site is unusable.


40Thieve t1_iud7mvy wrote

Who remembers downloading on this bad boy? Lol


I8wFu t1_iudbdto wrote

To other netsec ppls, I used IE to get to legacy services esp flash services like cameras. I was just on a test and the client had cameras up in a flash-based web browser and none of my modern browsers would play them.

I was pretty bummed until I found this little gem:

gl fam


Coyottlo t1_iudewfh wrote

I suppose you used Internet Explorer 11 to post this..


Teamnoq t1_iudhvgi wrote

Can this now be modified and re released or is it still Microsoft’s and just tucked away in a storage room?


prjindigo t1_iudm4j0 wrote

and edge is chrome


AssignmentNo7214 t1_iudo52i wrote

IE is only retired for a few of the windows operating systems. Their lifecycle support article lists which OS are still supported, like Windows Server 2012 and 2016 R2. Those are still commonly used in large organizations who use virtual desktop software like Citrix.


80Pound t1_iuduyey wrote

Next year, it should notice it’s no longer there.


ghost49x t1_iuee6vv wrote

It's been replaced by the equally lackluster Microsoft Edge...


logs777 t1_iueoul9 wrote

Well technically it’s not dead entirely. The core trident engine that powered the IE browser is still part of the OS and powers MS Edge when called upon to open sites in IE mode. That is why you still see Internet Explorer as installed in windows features as well as Internet options still available in control panel


djbenny07 t1_iuerfzf wrote

Windows server IE is still under support with the OS end of life...


B33Man88 t1_iueygzf wrote

But how will I surf the inter tubes?


chi11er t1_iuf1n2c wrote

Hopefully everyone knows that the long term service releases still support it!

I know Qualys doesn’t know this as they keep flashing it up as EOL on their reporting…


pi-N-apple t1_iuc2kja wrote

Internet Explorer has finally been pushed over the edge.


kenfagerdotcom t1_iucdsp8 wrote

Some day years from now my university will ask me to fire up Internet Exploder to save some obscure data file.


jasongw t1_iucehtw wrote

And more likely than not, it'll be disabled or reduced from all the systems currently running and it won't be possible ;)


kenfagerdotcom t1_iucejo9 wrote

Oh. I save every ancient computer I can.


jasongw t1_iufqx0e wrote

I used to, when I was younger. Then I realized it's a waste of effort and off to the recycler they go 🤪