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completeturnaround t1_itoqxy0 wrote

Wow r/technology is really napping. This is literally last week's news. Fwiw today the stock was up 8 % albeit from a very low price.


TJZenkai t1_itotntx wrote

Nah nah dude we don't need actual news. Bring on some of those businessinsider Meta articles, thats REAL journalism


GhostalMedia t1_itotfom wrote

This sub downvotes everything in new. It’s a surprise anything makes it onto the front page at all.


MoreOfAnOvalJerk t1_itox38m wrote

Unless it’s an article/rumour of something negative happening to Meta, regardless of its factual basis.


GhostalMedia t1_itq458a wrote

Looking at the homepage of this sub now, almost every article is about the misdeeds of technology companies. No one actually upvotes articles about interesting tech anymore.


adeveloper2 t1_itqld43 wrote

>Looking at the homepage of this sub now, almost every article is about the misdeeds of technology companies. No one actually upvotes articles about interesting tech anymore

This sub is basically the technology arm of /r/worldnews where people just get their rage boners on big tech and China


MakeVio t1_itq5t0z wrote

Are you saying there is a positive to metas recent business venture?

I'm genuinely interested in reading up on it if it exists


downonthesecond t1_itrfyww wrote

r/Technology also has history of filtering posts, a reason it hasn't been a default page for almost a decade.


GhostalMedia t1_itszq0n wrote

Yeah, should probably find a better tech subreddit. I’m only still subscribed because I’ve had a Reddit account since the Digg v4 revolt.


Tandittor t1_itoujwj wrote

Form what I've observed over the past few years, this sub does not keep up with the financial markets, nor do many of the people that comment and upvote here know much about the financial markets.


koghrun t1_itqvsrr wrote

Winnie the pooh reelected himself king of china. The chinese market had a huge selloff in response. That money had to go somewhere, so it looks like other global markets are up.


Honkey-Kong t1_itpyywg wrote

Snapchat is the superior lowkey social sharing platform and if you don’t think so, you’re entitled to your opinion


stormrunner89 t1_itqwjyw wrote

But are they making money? Seems like it would be tough to monetize, but I guess if they farm the data of users it wouldn't be too bad for them.

Though I guess stock price doesn't really have much to do with if the company actually makes money or not.


Honkey-Kong t1_itqzf8v wrote

Maybe they aren’t making as much money as they were during the pandemic but Snapchat has yet to see it’s prime. Mark dem words


xantub t1_itoq5kq wrote

What's Snap?


SwallowYourDreams t1_itoqd8k wrote

A 201x era dick pic sharing utility.


se7en41 t1_itorwfh wrote

I remember when there were apps floating around on the Play Store to bypass the "no screenshots allowed" in their first year or so.

Faaaaack I'm old.


SwallowYourDreams t1_itoyt2j wrote

All "hacks" aside: what people conveniently forgot was they uploaded all sorts of sensitive stuff to the servers of a publically traded company that offered their (proprietary) services for "free" and made a pinky promise to delete people's shit after delivery. Even the old story about the Easter Bunny is more believable.


appleshit8 t1_itpfow8 wrote

Ah yes, a database full of nudes from underage kids. A true goldmine for a public company.


MakeVio t1_itq60ov wrote

And now all you need is to have a Samsung phone and use the built in screen record feature.

What a time to be alive


ChiggaOG t1_itorzsp wrote

This company needs to snap. Waiting for those puts to print in WSB.


JasonDeSanta t1_itphlmt wrote

The thing that rightfully nuked Chris D’Elia’s career.


Geek_off_the_streets t1_itosyuq wrote

I thought they were talking about Snapple and I was like oh no mango madness is the shit.


whateversnevermind t1_itp52yh wrote

personal-self-promoted social media is DEAD

over sharing is whack

nudes are played out

unsolicited dick picks are gross

being constantly invested in what other people are or what you are doing is exhausting

updating and switching from platform to platform is a rat race

please feel free to add more


moldy912 t1_itosd00 wrote

Why are you posting 4 day old stock news?


arbenowskee t1_itos052 wrote

I thought this is /r/technology and not /r/stocks.


99OBJ t1_itoscwu wrote

Old news. I have to say though, I think they have a lot going for them. They’re really shifting focus towards being more of a general photography company as opposed to just a social media app. Will continue to be big players in AR.


rahhumilovedogs t1_itotp3i wrote

Uh snap chat's user base is like 45% scammers. They don't even care...


rahhumilovedogs t1_itou03p wrote

"struggling online advertising market." actually it's their horrible ad policies. This article is wak AF.


TheNudelz t1_itp6nsz wrote

They are really aggressive with those "check out the new lenses" push ups - trying to get their "user" numbers up again....


medievalmachine t1_itpzfuj wrote

I'm shocked Snap among others haven't announced a text based competitor to Twitter, since it's about to implode under mismanagement. Will Reddit take all that traffic now?


isacsm t1_itq9iw9 wrote

For some reason I thought of Yik Yak. It grew in popularity the same time Snapchat did, and would have been a great alternative to Twitter.


torismogod t1_itq353q wrote

Imagine your entire business relying on kids thinking it’s cool


Realistic-Duck-922 t1_itqcrs9 wrote

Snap was kinda neat at first. I mean they really pushed the AR stuff. Too bad their glasses didn't work out. Seems like they have a major pedo problem though. I can't imagine how many articles I've seen about catching predators on there. Dick pics and fentanyl is not a good look.


szakee t1_itp27ym wrote

who cares?


taterthotsalad t1_itr4ce7 wrote

Ste p1: Stop the useless notifications for filters and the ghostly added friend alerts.

Step 2: Stop adding BS bloat to the app. Keep it simple stupid.

Step 3: PROFIT

Its like tech companies are in the 7th ring of being out of touch with what users want.


rpo6ap t1_itrjjqw wrote

all I know is, Peter Gregory wasn't disappointed in Snapchat