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Velghast t1_iu5r2wv wrote

Eventually Starbucks will just be a vending machine it won't even be a physical location.


BallardRex t1_iu5r8e3 wrote

Inexplicably it will still demand to know your name, and then get it hilariously wrong.


maybeinoregon t1_iu5tz7v wrote

Or people will just buy a superautomatic for their home. Push a button, get a drink.


jimalloneword t1_iu6zms7 wrote

That has always existed. Starbucks is one of the places in America where you can sit on your laptop outside of your house, and all it costs is a an expensive coffee.


dubadub t1_iu7415t wrote

An there's a junkie in the bathroom!


c0d3s1ing3r t1_iu7zwnq wrote

The few times I've bought coffee at Starbucks has either been because I was with friends/family or because I really needed a coffee and they were the only one around.


maybeinoregon t1_iu7mshk wrote

When I’m outside of my house, the last thing I’m thinking about, is sitting on a slow unsecured network with my laptop.


Kanden_27 t1_iu61byn wrote

Reminds me of the Cyberpunk vending machines and ads.

“Ni-cola. Taste the love!”