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BearDick t1_iu5rv1a wrote

Well I mean so far ~250 of the ~15,700 US stores have voted to 1.6% of stores is a start but at the same time Starbucks has started offering raises and additional benefits to non-union shops and my understanding is that really slowed down the unionization efforts.


THISISALLCAPS t1_iu62tvh wrote

So unionizing helped those that weren’t even in the union, and the business is saying, “see, wee take care of non union folk”.

Except they didn’t take care of anyone until the union was invited in. It’s so odd how that happens.

Starbucks should just be called $ucks, at this point.


Creative_Warning_481 t1_iu96vbh wrote

Combined with the fact the "unionized" stores still don't have any contract or sight of a raise or anything.