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BallardRex t1_iu61zge wrote

Yes I have, and a number of other jobs that were both mentally and physically far more demanding.

Have you?


Darth_Meowth t1_iu6z3mb wrote

I mean, pouring coffee is hard. Let’s pay them $25!


Zealousideal_Self537 t1_iu779o8 wrote

You’ve clearly never worked in the Times Square area facing the public. They deserve $30 at least.


HippoObjective6506 t1_iu7b5q2 wrote

Im sorry but if you think the workers at Starbucks are just pouring coffee you don’t really know what you’re talking about. Starbucks doesn’t have a cleaning crew. Literally I worked both 4:30am shifts opening and 2am shifts doing what the store calls “clean plays.” Cleaned bathrooms. Ran trash in subzero temperatures. Had to do 40 second drive times literally running around like an insane person. All for 9.45 an hour. One time someone took a literal shit in our garbage can in the bathroom, and my coworker had to clean it up. Literal shit. And sometimes that was favorable to customers screaming at us over their drink being made wrong when we had tickets literally on the floor. Maybe you don’t agree with what these employees are asking for, but to say all they do all day is pour coffee is just straight up incorrect. I can’t speak for Amazon as I haven’t worked there but I believe anyone who works full time should be paid a living wage. These places are not.


BallardRex t1_iu7ckq2 wrote

I think there’s a lot harder work to be had, having worked on a farm and as a line cook. I think if what you just described broke you, life was always going to break you.


HippoObjective6506 t1_iu7ldre wrote

I didn’t say it broke me, just that I did more than pouring coffee. Oh, and that you didn’t know what you’re talking about. Which i think still stands. Hope you treat your farm animals better than you seem to treat others. Also did farm work and construction. I still don’t think service workers deserve to be treated like shit. Have a great day my dude ❤️