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techimp t1_iu7oh2r wrote

Ahh republican talking points! Thank you, makes it clear that I'm talking with someone who will constantly redirect and deflect logic like Teflon. And thus, not worth discussing how your lack of any discernable empathy nor understand how toxic things have gotten with companies undermining workers rights on the regular or how minimum wage is still not a livable wage exists and is a problem.

Thank you for simplifying your answer to "don't care because it doesn't affect you"


Triple_C_ t1_iu892ix wrote

Minimum wage will never be your politicized "living wage", and it shouldn't be. When will you people understand that businesses DO NOT exist to provide employment? They exist to make money. They have a right to offer a salary for a particular job, and if someone is willing to work for that amount, WHAT the individual does with the money is NOT the concern of the employer.

Employees must add value to a business. This, and supply and demand, determine salary. Not some bloated, made-up, untenable number that has no anchor point in actual employee value.

That you seriously don't understand these basic tenats of how a business works tells me everything I need to know about you.

As for my Republican talking wanna wait after election day and see how that works out for you? We're moving right again because of individuals like you , and I can't wait to see all of you cry like babies again.


techimp t1_iu8byoi wrote

Do you know what minimum wage was?

It was, at one point, enough to cover food, rent and apply toward the future. You know, something sustainable.

You know what it is now?

Not that. No where in the country can you afford an apartment on minimum wage.

That is what the difference between a livable wage is (aka what minimum wage used to be) and the corpse of it now that has not kept to pace with the times.

You's funny you mention salary. Tells me you don't know how bad it's gotten but are willing to polish those greedy balls of capitalism til may you can delude yourself too that you'll be a millionaire too. Maybe that trickle down will hit ya.....oh's just companies doing the barest minimum to avoid it being called slavery. And you just keep on polishing those balls.


Triple_C_ t1_iu8dm1x wrote

More Socialist pablum. Victim, victim, victim, that's all you people know how to cry. Embracing victimhood as a way of life is so fucking sad, but you've managed to rationalize it, right? After all, the world owes you right?

I honestly can't imagine living that way.