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techimp t1_iu8bg16 wrote

Who said the business is gonna do that on their own accord....I literally said they have no incentive to actually be decent unless feet are held to the fire by unions or fed.

I'm talking about addressing labor laws to make things better for everyone (the fed half). It's really good some people manage to struggle and pull themselves outta the should not be a rite of passage or badge of honor to overwork yourself just to maybe get a half-step ahead but more than likely a side grade.

And if you keep propping those who went through hell and back as "this is the way" you REALLY need to check that privilege and ego.


Triple_C_ t1_iu8dg4b wrote

MY privilege and ego?! You're self righteous, arrogant attitude that "Oh I know best" is disgusting. But I'm glad you take that position, because you're about to get spanked, hard. The biggest mistake people like you have made is thinking that the majority of people in the US support your views. They do not. You assume so because your social media and your news tells you so. You assume so because, gosh, how could someone like you be wrong?

Time for a wakeup call.

Watch what happens.