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nomad_grappler t1_itv83f4 wrote


Hefty-Ad-4302 t1_itvci0j wrote

Compared to the other 99% of the workforce they’re doing just fine


Headytexel t1_itvnz0p wrote

They’re still underpaid for the value they create.

We need worker solidarity, people at Google being paid less doesn’t help a server or a Mail man get paid more, it helps Google CEOs and major shareholders get paid more.


nomad_grappler t1_itvdxip wrote

I mean according to the interviews with employees that work content moderation they dont get paid shit for what they to through.


elmohasagun13 t1_itveleb wrote

I don’t think you understand the tech sector.


Content_Flamingo_583 t1_itvm3od wrote

I don’t think you understand the tech sector. Google’s CEO is worth 1.3 billion.

If the average tech employee had a net worth of a million dollars (which they don’t), their CEO has about 1.3 billion dollars more than them.

That is, the CEO makes over one thousand times as much money as one of their employees. And that’s being conservative.


elmohasagun13 t1_itvpy1e wrote

The entry level salary for a google software engineer hovers around $200k, with total comp potentially being orders of magnitude higher based on the market value of vested RSUs. This employment relationship is not comparable to someone on hourly wages as the base salary alone puts you above 98% of Americans.

The median home value in Santa Clara County is $1.4 million, so any of those “average” south bay tech workers would be millionaires if they owned their home outright.

You’re extrapolating a critique of the gap between executive and employee compensation to an industry with extremely high salaries and a large percentage of employees who are granted ownership (shares) into the company simply through working there.


nomad_grappler t1_itvezvc wrote

Yeah maybe. I do know its wrong to hoard gaint piles of money cause your a greedy asshole.


iPlayWithWords13 t1_itve8fa wrote

There is not a singular owner of Google. You're making the worker's rights movement look terrible right now.


nomad_grappler t1_itvf29d wrote

So no one owns google?


iPlayWithWords13 t1_itvf5x5 wrote

No, it's a publicly traded company which means it's all shareholders.


nomad_grappler t1_itvfo9f wrote

Fine whatever replace owner with "shareholder" its the same shit.


iPlayWithWords13 t1_itvftc9 wrote

No, it's not. You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about and you've repeatedly made that clear throughout your comments on this post.


z0rgi-A- t1_itvake5 wrote

Well, they didn't create the world's most popular search engine did they.


Nebuli2 t1_itvbmhy wrote

I mean, yes? Google employees did create it, and continue to maintain and improve it.


nomad_grappler t1_itvdnp6 wrote

I mean they literally did. Or did the owner of alphabet do literally all the coding and moderation?