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Alberiman t1_iu5wy0d wrote

>The switch to solid-state buttons should help reduce mechanical failures commonly associated with volume and power buttons

Whose modern phone is out here experiencing volume and power button mechanical failures?


aeolus811tw t1_iu62h0q wrote

I had two phone (one android and one iPhone) that had stuck volume button


MarblesAreDelicious t1_iu6624m wrote

It’s failure due to liquid or debris. I’ve seen probably one or two defective buttons on an iPhone or iPad in the last 6 years. All the rest of the cases were accidental damage.

Along with the SIM tray, removal of the buttons reduces the amount of possible ingress by 3. All that’s left are the two speaker ports, Lightning port, and the receiver speaker.

With the way Apple is going with water/dustproofing, I am fully expecting USB-C on their phones to be a pipe dream or a short-lived memory.


19Chris96 t1_iu6u8d5 wrote

Not my nearly nine year old Samsung Galaxy SIII mini, which has been through the washer....TWICE! It's on its third battery!


sparky7347 t1_iu5xz8r wrote

I just want my thumbprint option back.


hanisod t1_iu64ex3 wrote

Didn't HTC try this with one of their flagship phones, and the idea was hated by literally everyone?


KickBassColonyDrop t1_iu759aw wrote

HTC doesn't have Apple's market weight. If apple does it, they'll tell everyone to get on their knees as they unzip their pants and a line will wrap around the building.


hanisod t1_iu7uozo wrote

Just like the headphone jack...


KickBassColonyDrop t1_iu7y5fg wrote

Basically. Apple won the cult of technology war. They can do no wrong. Their position in the market ensures it now.


Justme100001 t1_iu63g69 wrote

I hate this no buttons trend, new cars also seem to be heading in the same direction...


p8pes t1_iu60xg2 wrote

Misread this as "solid state vacuum power" - while not only being a mix of technologies those fragile glass tubes would be quite dangerous in your pocket!


Pretend-Specific-957 t1_iu849ur wrote

Apple are really moving off-course to seem innovative and push more product.