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maurinet79 t1_iu3tzst wrote

tldr; "Maintenance Mode hides all of your personal data, including your installed apps."


9-11GaveMe5G t1_iu55fwv wrote

Also deletes any data added or created while in this mode, presumably to inhibit spyware


Rulmeq t1_iu56u1c wrote

I would like a "handed it to my parents to look at the baby photos" mode.


mredofcourse t1_iu5rvqe wrote

This could be possible...

  1. In Control Center, put an icon of a semi-lock.
  2. When enabled, the app you're in remains available, but if you exit the app, the phone locks.
  3. Additional restrictions may be defined such as inability to delete or send items.

This would work for photos, perhaps restricting it to an album or date range, but it could also work for handing your phone to a kid to play a game, or letting someone make a phone call.


workswiththeweb t1_iu5qc9u wrote

How about a -trade in mode- so when my package arrives at Verizon “empty” we can both locate it.


nicuramar t1_iu46ehc wrote

Hm... iPhones don't need to be unlocked in order to be serviced (although you need to remove Find My iPhone).


iDuddits_ t1_iu57wgx wrote

In before it’s on like three of their 20 models.