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phdoofus t1_itnjwrz wrote

I've never had a problem with LinkedIn because I know all of my contacts. I've also never, ever, had an acquaintance find me a job.


TheJadedSF t1_itnic4t wrote

LinkedIn is a cesspool.


WhatTheZuck420 t1_itnjnxk wrote

linkedass is full of crap. oh, wait, that's a cesspool..ok, carry on.


MrPlaysWithSquirrels t1_ito9fpx wrote

This is a non-issue. The platform recommended people you may know, and the algorithm was different for two studied populations. The argument is that this led to reduced job prospects for the group with closer contacts, but LinkedIn still provided the platform to allow for any of those opportunities. The contacts themselves may or may not have had opportunities. This is not a direct result of LinkedIn’s study—it’s how people engaged with the platform.

I don’t see an issue with a platform exercising some studies to make itself more useful to its target audience. A/B testing has been a staple in internet testing for decades.


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ihave1fatcat t1_itpniis wrote

Yeah plus Linked in is really essential for keeping networks. I just got a job through an old work friend. We chatted on linked in and that's how we were able to connect. I would never add this person on Facebook and emailing would be too weird a move.

Linked in chats are casual informal methods of touching base with someone and allows you to keep in touch with colleagues in a professional manner.

Great for maneuvering dynamics without being sleazy too. It's the perfect professional connection without having to worry about dropping into the conversation btw I'm married, I'm not hitting on you, I just would like to stay in touch in a purely platonic worky way. Any other social media add can be interpreted weirdly, and blurs personal lines too much imo.

Thays why I think Linked in is fantastic, sure it's cringey but all social media is. The issue is people's inherent nature, not so much the platform.