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fluentindothraki t1_is04hfl wrote

I am pretty sure they ran on renewables for thousands of years


daath t1_is0ws1i wrote

And also, I'm pretty sure someone or a company was running an oil or gas heater or something ;P


fluentindothraki t1_is0wvus wrote

300 years ago?


Much-Gur233 t1_is1d652 wrote

Oil was first discovered in 600 bc


thisisnotdan t1_is1jrb2 wrote

Animal oils were used for hundreds, if not thousands, of years before that.


pittaxx t1_isfhle6 wrote

Rarely for heating though.


thisisnotdan t1_isgx3yp wrote

I would assume oil lamps were run on animal oils, but I guess those were more for lighting. I just kind of figured any use of oil in which it gets burned is fair game here.


chintakoro t1_isn3b7r wrote

oil lamps in asia were exclusively vegetable oils. not sure about europe.


JamesR624 t1_is21njl wrote

The fact that a headline this blatantly false is getting upvotes should tell you all you need to know about redditors.


Specialist-Money5648 t1_is2y7zl wrote

It’s not false. Just misleading. It says “For the first time in the history of the Greek electricity system, the demand was covered 100% from renewable energy sources,” its IPTO wrote. Which is technically true. Doesn’t mean it actually was. So definitely misleading. But not false


DaemonAnts t1_is1rob7 wrote

Does this include the 800+ petrol stations currently operating there or does Greece not depend on transportation networks to run the country?


[deleted] t1_is4xmnc wrote

Ok the most power intensive machine in the country is an espresso machine. They literally have NO infrastructure lol nice headline tho


IFuckedCardiB t1_is4yj8q wrote

Can they renew my cars extended warranty tho