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Aceofspades968 t1_irz8ryq wrote

Oh no. Microsoft what have you done?


leforian t1_irzjg0g wrote

Made another bad decision of course.


MoneyBunBunny t1_is0k9al wrote

I disagree now at work, you will be conditioned to use the metaverse.


GlitteringHighway t1_irz8m49 wrote

Why would anyone want to be associated with Meta and Facebook is beyond me.

Trying to lower your brand rating?


nomadic_stone t1_irzbtme wrote

If...I dunno if you made an "awesome VR world" and your own people are like "nnnnaaaaw, we'll pass, but thanks for the thought."...I mean, that speaks tomes of volumes of how awful Meta must be.

I mean even the folks that worked on Second Life were geeked to be a part of the world when it first launched...


Plus-Wolf-1893 t1_irzu6vb wrote

Maybe, just maybe, the world is bigger than the r/technology bubble where all news about Meta is bad and your brand rating goes down instantly by association with Meta


falubiii t1_irzzkm8 wrote

Outside of this subreddit, investor confidence certainly isn’t high. Their share price is down like 66% on the year.


ReaLitY-Siege t1_irzdkrn wrote

Who is asking for this? Honestly. Who?


CarneDelGato t1_irzfv0s wrote

Mark Zuckerberg and other weirdo tech bro billionaires?


aat478961 t1_irzee4m wrote

As if Teams wasn’t bad enough already.


optagon t1_is0fr5z wrote

Silver lining would be if this can lead my company to switch to Slack


tronsymphony t1_irzdoeh wrote

Theres good reason to hate Facebook but some of the tech like the gesture thing was cool


zoinkability t1_irzbhwe wrote

Translated into English:

Meta says, “We weren’t able to get anyone interested in using our robotic overlord’s pet product on their own time, so we are now counting on managers forcing their white collar office drones to use it.”

Microsoft says: “It can’t make the steaming pile of dogshit that is Teams any worse, so what the hell.”


SaltyGoober t1_irzkmdg wrote

Forcing people to use a technology that causes motion sickness with a pretty large chunk of the population seems problematic, from an accessibility standing. Around 25% get sick using VR, or so I’ve read.


DoomRide007 t1_irzdrfh wrote

Microsoft you are drunk go home! And for god sake do not take meta home!


beu6 t1_irzgd7t wrote

There are so many cool uses for AR and VR. Why do they keep pushing this dystopian virtual office meeting shit that no one wants?

Heck, most people turn off their webcams in meetings.


zandini t1_irze48w wrote

Been thinking for a long time that Microsoft would get a stronghold in VR/AR in the long term. Microsoft does own XBox and does know gaming, they also know the workplace.

The question I have is why does Meta have that Microsoft needs?


beu6 t1_irzfp0i wrote

I’m curious about this well. My best guess is that Microsoft needs Meta’s tech, and Meta needs Microsoft for anyone to take them seriously.


Dashbastrd t1_is2wn8q wrote

I mean Kinect went so well with the XBox…


zandini t1_is329u3 wrote

Fair point. I think the market for that type of game ended up being pretty smaller than they probably predicted and eaten up by Nintendo.


RageMojo t1_irzem9k wrote

Oh Yes, people are going to love wearing goggles from the moment they get up to the moment they go to bed. And why complete spreadsheets quickly when you can fuck around endlessly getting no where.


leywok t1_is066yt wrote

More ways to watch porn? AWESOME /s


Steinrikur t1_is1eash wrote

Who doesn't want a 3D Word document?


[deleted] t1_irzaevq wrote

I get that Meta is a bit of a mess. I deleted FB in 2015 and never looked back. But... it's starting to seem like some type of bandwagon Meta hate at the moment. Which is almost making me think it's a decent buy.


leglump t1_irzb5sk wrote

Do you not understand that Meta is facebook? or are you a paid bot?


[deleted] t1_irzd1a9 wrote

Do you understand that in 2015 the company was called Facebook, and that the social media site they ran (that i used) was referred to as Facebook?

Now that company is referred to as meta, and there are numerous programs within the company (such as Instagram).

The sentence "I deleted meta in 2015" would not make sense. I deleted Facebook.


leglump t1_irzg6we wrote

Yeah but you still havnt escaped from the evil of the company yet and fail to understand how a name change doesnt change any of the evil they will continue to do. Whatever man, good luck out there, my advice, save yourself, everything else get a thumb drive.


[deleted] t1_irzhec8 wrote

oh i hear ya. i dont think companies like alphabet are any better but i invest in them. maybe its immoral or weak to invest in companies you think are evil/wrong but hey i am who i am.

i will never use fb, insta, twitter or anything though. reddit is my only social media type site.


TheTallMirth t1_irzamjm wrote

The sound of one hand clapping


That_One_Guy2945 t1_irzd7yr wrote

This idea that this will see widespread adoption is absolutely hysterical. Im really looking forward to watching the company formerly known as Facebook lose more and more money on this.


[deleted] t1_irzegvk wrote

Microsoft doing the old Microsoft partner and kill move.


Odysseyan t1_irzomy1 wrote

Who the fuck wants to dive into a VR world just do some MS Office crap?


bobbib14 t1_irzbxv9 wrote

bug mistake for Microsoft. sad


QuantumFungus t1_irzd6ej wrote

Getting Microsoft involved in something is a sure fire way to make sure it dies an early death or sticks around way way way past its expiration date. There is no in between.


AMBIC0N t1_irzd7lp wrote

Microsoft will guarantee it sinks


RageFurnace404 t1_irzdbne wrote

I will quit any company that tries to get me to work via Meta anything.

Pirating all future MS products until this partnership is dissolved.