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Heres_your_sign t1_iu36kwy wrote

The irony? I'm sure they somehow purchased or otherwise procured the stinger technology from the Israelis.


n3w4cc01_1nt t1_iu4e78p wrote

stingers old it's hailstorm and nso pegasus now




also oathkeepers had access to this tech and were most likely abusing it


an_actual_lawyer t1_iu4fbza wrote

>also oathkeepers had access to this tech and were most likely abusing it



zorbathegrate t1_iu36bwl wrote

This is a wonderful article.

It reminds me of how important getting your covid vaccinations and boosters are. Even if you believe the garbage about the government putting tracking chips in the shots, this article proves how useless such an attempt would be.

You’re being tracked by your phone.

The least you could do is protect your fellow man.


Tell-Relative t1_iu3d42v wrote

"Even if it was true it wouldn't work"

The vaxcult strikes again .


Heres_your_sign t1_iu38ekw wrote

From a technology perspective, what they are doing doesn't require inordinate amounts of compute resource.

What they've done is brilliant, they've added a management layer tailored for surveillance which seems to abstract away the cell network.

It's noteworthy that they are using the native capabilities of the cell networks to do this surveillance. They really didn't need to do anything special to.the tower or the handset software to pull this off.


OccasinalMovieGuy t1_iu3fkcs wrote

If an sanctioned and underdeveloped nation can have such tech, just imagine what the western governments could have.


Mister_Weiss t1_iu4uwxc wrote

Leave your phones at home or disable them when protesting.