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Foe117 t1_itykumf wrote

This probe is over 1 year old, nothing has happened, someone wants the stock down.


[deleted] t1_ityoiq9 wrote



SixPooLinc t1_itytq61 wrote

Just because it's about Musk doesn't make an article about a year old investigation any more relevant.


Physical-Bill7793 t1_ityu5ff wrote

The article appears to be grasping for straws with a year old news. Hope the stock goes down for my entry... Tesla is not going anywhere next 10 years


thruster_fuel69 t1_itzuzie wrote

Can confirm, hate Elon love tesla. He's great at disrupting, massively bad at maintaining and growing in calm times.

Super excited to buy a tesla for Christmas though, honestly the best car rn.