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Ok_Good3255 t1_itemmqm wrote

How do you not know when you have pneumonia? Shouldn’t you be coughing or trouble breathing or something?


bicbrownboi t1_itenykd wrote

Early stages of walking pneumonia can present with no symptoms at all or vague stuff like fatigue, light cough for 1-2 weeks, etc.


ButtBlock t1_itfwc3v wrote

Yeah man. I felt fine until the day I realized I couldn’t climb a flight of stairs without stopping on the middle landing. As a previously healthy teenager. I was like… hmmm this is kind of fucked.


ZForZimmer t1_itgcl1x wrote

I had a walking pneumonia when I was around 12. My only symptom was chest pain when I’d breathe while lying down


algiuxass t1_ith8r87 wrote

Oh fuck I have that too

Like right now, I'm scared now because I just 2 days ago I took a trip and walked through a lot of people


algiuxass t1_itheo00 wrote

It became much worse, it was barely noticable like 5 hrs ago

I'm worried, it quickly got worse, I coughed some small thick thing


team-evil66 t1_itiveew wrote

Get to the doctor


algiuxass t1_itiw62z wrote

I will if it doesn't get any better, might have to check my oxygen levels (oximeter)? I don't have fever anymore.


NoTime4LuvDrJones t1_ithruur wrote

From webmd, seems like it takes longer for bacteria to cause it. Though they also lost other things that can cause it like viruses, mold. Not sure if those are shorter times to cause it. Does say fall is the season for walking pneumonia

> Symptoms generally start 15 to 25 days after you’re exposed to mycoplasma and slowly get worse over 2 to 4 days.


algiuxass t1_ithvepm wrote

On yeah, forgot the important part, my mom contacted someone with COVID about two weeks ago, then I did have a fever and got better quickly with minor symptoms. Yeah, I might have pneumonia.

Thank you, I'll drink tons of water and maybe oximeter tomorrow morning.


[deleted] t1_iteo6mp wrote

Could be walking pneumonia. Usually less severe but it can get worse.


TheGreat_War_Machine t1_iteyy61 wrote

I think a better question would be how someone would not notice that their heart is beating 150 times a minute.


deirdresm t1_itfsfp0 wrote

I laughed, but then I have POTS and regularly got up to 140 standing for a couple minutes before diagnosis+meds. Silly human standing wiring fail.


windyorbits t1_itio8be wrote

Idk about everyone else but as an American, I’ll just be sitting or laying down and all of a sudden I’m like “oh shit, my heart is racing and my chest/neck areas feel a bit weird. Yes something is indeed wrong . . . Welp, it’s gone for now and I’m not dead, no need to get in debt by asking a person with a medical degree what might be the issue with my crazy fast blood pumper.


johnsgrove t1_itflhsd wrote

It can go undetected. My watch warned me about a rapid heart beat and I hadn’t noticed. Not all that uncommon apparently


MetalliTooL t1_itfeyt3 wrote

And how would not notice that your heart is beating extremely fast?


FALCON_FACT_MAN t1_itg8m4x wrote

Interestingly, the New Zealand Falcon (Falco novaeseelandiae) is immune to all respiratory illnesses and blood disorders. Researchers confirmed this is due to the falcon's diet of possums and salmon, which are native to New Zealand. Even more astounding, it's wingspan ranges from 63 cm (25 in) and 98 cm (39 in) and its weight rarely exceeds 450 g (16 oz).

The mysteries of the falcon endure for eternity in our hearts and minds


jabberwockgee t1_itfw54a wrote

I had pneumonia when I was younger and my parents took me to the hospital when I couldn't eat breakfast because my throat hurt too much. I don't think anyone 'knows' they have pneumonia because their throat hurts.

Then I had 'walking pneumonia' 4 or 5 years later and stayed home sick. My parents took me to the doctor that night and he said it was pneumonia but I was already recovering on my own.