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MajorHowes t1_itdrex7 wrote

Who looks to Facebook for news anyway?


BEAVER_ATTACKS t1_itdsm2r wrote

Old people and dumb people. Humanity is dumb and overworked and uneducated in recognizing credible sources, and the predators that own the world prey on them.


ItchyK t1_itdxsdv wrote

Honestly, I think it's more than people would like to admit. Everyone will overlook the fact that they looked at that one article on Facebook and probably start quoting it as fact. But then they assume The other people are just using it more. That one article wasn't a big deal to them, But that is essentially how the whole monster works.


xtremeyou t1_itdvmv1 wrote

I wouldn't say dumb but uninformed. Also I'd say alot of this is just pure ignorance and not wanting to feel stupid learning something new/being set in old ways.


[deleted] t1_iteu259 wrote

This is very true, also, people are so misinformed these days. People tend to gravitate toward an "echo chamber" that keeps feeding them, their own ideological views, this then in turn, prevents them from growing, and expanding, their consciousness.

Note: I'm not pointing fingers at any specific outlet, or ideological view, I'm just saying this in a broad spectrum.


rushmc1 t1_itekf18 wrote

No, at this point its more dumb. There's been plenty of time for people to adapt now (decades).


xtremeyou t1_itenkam wrote

The fact you think that either means you're stupid, or you're so close minded and just as bad as they're


Rook22Ti t1_iteiw6t wrote

Incredibly succinct description of our current predicament.


ugottabekiddingmee t1_itemzn7 wrote

I get dumb but why old? What does that have to do with it? That's like saying it only fools Germans. It makes no sense. The majority of people that surround me are over 40 and half are over 50. Only a couple are on Facebook because it's a cesspool. I'm wondering where you draw your conclusions from?


Prestigious_Cold_756 t1_itfh9w9 wrote

He probably meant that it’s mostly old people that are still using Facebook. It’s the website where you go to see posts from your parents. Young people don’t really hang out there anymore.


Un_Nationalist3489 t1_itek3as wrote

There are lots of countries outside of the developed world who use facebook as its cheaper and more available than other alternatives. That does not constitute “dumb”.


BEAVER_ATTACKS t1_iteliyk wrote

Anyone who uses facebook is dumb. That's the way it is. We existed just fine without its superficial connectiveness. We don't need an alternative, it's built into our dna.


Incubus_Priest t1_itduq79 wrote

i dont think thats it entirely. as weve seen with the mass adoption of the internet legacy media tries to claw its fingers into every social media platform wether it gets views/clicks or not. i mean look at any site that allows you to see actual views/clicks and theirs tons of news outlet posts/vids/streams etc with hilariously tiny numbers. youtube is full of official cnn/msnbc/fox etc videos with views in the hundreds, not hundreds of thousands, hundreds. yet they still crank out content


The_Real_BenFranklin t1_itdy6sw wrote

People don’t “look” for news there, but they passively consume their news from Facebook/Twitter/Reddit/wherever.


texasspacejoey t1_itfzs67 wrote

>People don’t “look” for news there,

Are you joking? Studies show that more people use tiktoc as a search engine than Google now. Ofcourse people look for news on Facebook....


TheSeansei t1_itfbgzq wrote

Where have you been for like the last seven years? People getting their news from Facebook has caused a lot of problems related to democracy in the US.


gizamo t1_itdzqn1 wrote

The people who used to look to Fox News....before Fox wasn't alt-right enough for them anymore. Not that Fox didn't get more alt-right, tho.


Poop_Noodl3 t1_itgm6r5 wrote

The people least likely to interpret it correctly.