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subjecttomyopinion t1_itkrhek wrote

This has been out there forever. People just don't want to believe it or don't take the time to implement.

Green plants reduce co2?! Holy shit!!


nillerwafer t1_itkvchc wrote

I work with a guy that said that if he was made ruler of the world, he’d have all the trees removed from the side of the road so that they won’t make a mess in the fall.

People just aren’t educated, they think plants are all over the place just for decoration. They were either never taught, or were never paying attention in school. They have no idea that plants consume CO2 and spit out oxygen. It’s called photosynthesis.

Go ahead and ask some people in your life if they can explain photosynthesis to you. You’d be shocked how many people know the word but have no idea what it actually means.

The problem’s about to get worse unfortunately, the young generation suffered serious setbacks in education thanks to the most recent pandemic.


Rich_6281 t1_itl6qiw wrote

Although it is true that plants do produce oxygen and stuff, 70 percent of our oxygen is actually from algae in the ocean which we are killing with water pollution.


MinuteManufacturer t1_itstf75 wrote

This article is about making incremental change using infrastructure we already have. Try and stay focused.


wongrich t1_itn9uds wrote

Trees Also reduce heat in heat waves


Deyln t1_itl5u87 wrote

Or that they act as wind/snow/other barriers.


subjecttomyopinion t1_itkwd22 wrote

Agree 100%. That's why I'm skipping learning prison with my kids.

People frown on homeschooling but my son is already a year ahead in school and learns firsthand. No politics involved with his education and he is engaged as well as faces a very strict regimen of teaching.


[deleted] t1_itm5slo wrote



subjecttomyopinion t1_itm60pg wrote

Politics aren't involved?

See Betsy devos.

See voucher systems for schools.

See school boards being overrun by "Christians" that don't want "porn or strippers" in schools.

Thanks for stopping by

Edit- Will also add- "specifically trained" - to follow what the school board "allows" and are underpaid for while handling 25-30 kids at a time rather than smaller groups. Makes sense.


BigSkoonChungus t1_itmbpew wrote

I would have thrived in home school. I finished up online my senior year and graduated 3 months early. I barely passed in school, it’s too distracting.


BigSkoonChungus t1_itmbr4c wrote

Not to mention it’s where a ton of kids die now


subjecttomyopinion t1_itmbzg6 wrote

Whoa whoa whoa. You must be inundated with conservative politics. /s.

I agree. Teachers aren't paid enough to be meat shields.


ThePlanetMercury t1_itm8vqx wrote

The problem is green plants suck at reducing CO2. You'll reduce CO2 more by putting solar panels instead even if you don't have significant storage.


azdood85 t1_itobx8m wrote

My neighbors barely have time to cleanup their dogshit, I doubt theyll take care of a garden.


857477457 t1_itl30az wrote

Actually they don't. They absorb it while alive and then release it after they die. They only fix carbon if they end up buried somewhere without decomposers. A rooftop garden isn't going to fix carbon.


danielravennest t1_itla38v wrote

> A rooftop garden isn't going to fix carbon.

Maybe not, but it can eliminate transportation cost and CO2 emissions if the produce is used locally, like in the building or a short distance away.


GilbertoWhitne6 t1_itkimea wrote

Hoping this could lead to the further development of this system and eventual implementation in rooftop gardens and farms


breaditbans t1_itm7j6h wrote

There’s almost no benefit to doing this. Just look at the image. You have maybe 1000-1500 sq feet to feed 10 floors of people below? That will be enough agriculture to feed those people for less than a week. And then you’re talking about using none of the modern agricultural methods or equipment that make food cheap because it’s all designed for a farm. So, not only are you unable to feed all the people for any appreciable time, those you do feed will be paying 4x the price they find at the grocery store.


nogooduser t1_itn037k wrote

It's not an all or nothing. It's not the idea that the people in the building only eat what they can grow. It is intended to do more than feed people. It helps with cooling and insulation and CO2 capture as well as producing food.


Sankofa416 t1_itn1mcy wrote

Nitrogen from urine and compost from poop. If you stop halfway it makes less sense, but it isn't useless even at this level. 4x the price is assuming the transport and preservation costs exist, which they won't for a system like this.


zippyzoodles t1_itoutf7 wrote

Why would I want to grow bumpers in my vegetable garden ?


857477457 t1_itkmhwo wrote

The concept of rooftop farming is ridiculous for so many reasons. It's just incredibly inefficient to try and farm that way when wide open fields exist.


kan_ka t1_itko79m wrote

The article is making a point that a secondary task of the rooftop garden (growing food) benefits from a building “waste”.

Decrying it makes me think you have an agenda to be against it.


857477457 t1_itksdua wrote

My agenda is to not waste money trying to pretend you're doing something for the environment. A rooftop garden isn't doing anything real its just theatre.


Sankofa416 t1_itn1zo5 wrote

Is the garden displacing something more useful? Honestly, it could serve as nothing more than a community activity and the increase in civic participation would be a safeguard against corruption.


sweerek1 t1_itko59g wrote

True but location, location, location … as in herb & veggie gardens for restaurants

And they tend to mitigate storm runoff problems


AbazabaYouMyOnlyFren t1_itkoqzf wrote

Tell that to all of the supermarkets in the NYC area that only sell tomatoes and corn from Mexico and Canada. Meanwhile, within an hour there's tons of it grown right in NJ.

Removing the need to ship should be a good thing. Especially delicate produce that is easily damaged like greens.


857477457 t1_itkpnvr wrote

Rooftop gardens aren't even going to make a debt in the food demand for NYC.