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breaditbans t1_itm7j6h wrote

There’s almost no benefit to doing this. Just look at the image. You have maybe 1000-1500 sq feet to feed 10 floors of people below? That will be enough agriculture to feed those people for less than a week. And then you’re talking about using none of the modern agricultural methods or equipment that make food cheap because it’s all designed for a farm. So, not only are you unable to feed all the people for any appreciable time, those you do feed will be paying 4x the price they find at the grocery store.


nogooduser t1_itn037k wrote

It's not an all or nothing. It's not the idea that the people in the building only eat what they can grow. It is intended to do more than feed people. It helps with cooling and insulation and CO2 capture as well as producing food.


Sankofa416 t1_itn1mcy wrote

Nitrogen from urine and compost from poop. If you stop halfway it makes less sense, but it isn't useless even at this level. 4x the price is assuming the transport and preservation costs exist, which they won't for a system like this.