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SmittyFjordmanjensen t1_it8vfwh wrote

"The pandemic is over" /s

Same attitude about remote work. Now that "the pandemic is over" businesses are dragging their workers back into the office.

I saw a story about respiratory syncytial virus in children on the news this morning and I tell you what, if a kid gets that, and COVID on top of it, and that's exactly the perfect storm some are predicting for the winter... that's going to be a catastrophe. and all the short-term thinkers who reactively run everything, it seems, will be responsible for all kinds of death and chronic illness.

I don't know why we can't be smarter than this. A multitude of tech devices we call "smart" with brains no smarter than a cockroach (or, ok, if they have network-aware AI, a dog) and we can't muster enough human smarts to figure out how to put aside the pursuit of infinite profit and do some things that benefit all of society. Especially, it seems, when it's an actual emergency.


anotherjunkie t1_it9n87c wrote

Just had a telemedicine appointment today — it’s amazing for disabled people. A doctor’s trip that used to take all day + a day of recovery took 45 minutes today.

By contrast they’ve already ended telemedicine appointment for established pain patients here. New patients I can understand, but my doctor has known me for years and going in once a month vs. once every 3 months for a UA made no difference. Now their clinic is overwhelmed again and delays are back.

Huge quality of life improvement for the disabled, so it makes sense they’d kill it off.


Alternative_Belt_389 t1_itao66x wrote

Same here! I was so stressed about rushing over exhausted with a migraine today but i was able to do virtual instead and felt so much better!


gerberag t1_ita4jab wrote

But, insurance companies are killkng it off.

fixed it.


dcoolidge t1_ita9n9u wrote

It's insane we pay insurance companies for our health care. We are basically paying a middle man for our health care. To make it worse. Health care companies collude with insurance to provide insurance packages We must pay for.


[deleted] OP t1_itbh6ai wrote



LigerXT5 t1_it8yk1a wrote

Around rural NW Oklahoma, I can see it sticking around longer than most others. It's more convenient for many as to not travel half an hour from town to town for an appointment, especially for elderly.

The other day I chose to use it, just to follow up on new meds I'm taking, to see how I was feeling. I was able to continue doing things at home while waiting for the doctor to connect.

I doubt this would slide with many other places of work, I'm sure my work wouldn't mind I continued working at my desk while "on hold" to talk to my doctor, then step away when connected. Less down time of my work, and more pay towards my pocket, all around less expenses. I can only imagine it's faster and easier (some exceptions) for the doctors.


Reddituser45005 t1_it9l5h6 wrote

I use telemedicine regularly and it beats the hell out of sitting in a doctor office waiting room for an hour just to review test results and get recommendations. I can go to a testing lab for blood and urine work, to an imaging center for scans and then just meet remotely with the doc for a review. The in person exam is occasionally necessary but not for just a consultation


True_Truth t1_ita6zcp wrote

Wait, can I get a yearly checkup? Also referrals? What can I not get using telemed?


Timbershoe t1_itb93o2 wrote

>Wait, can I get a yearly checkup

Not really, you can’t have physical checks done remotely. You can have a partial checkup.

>Also referrals?

Yes, of course.

>What can I not get using telemed?

Broadly? Musculoskeletal, physical exams, audiology and optical exams.

However it’s possible to pair services, if you have a clinical report from an audiologist for example, that can be used as part of a telehealth exam.

It’s also possible, though not ideal, to use your own telehealth equipment (for instance an Apple Watch has health data that can be used during a telehealth appointment)


dinoroo t1_itadud2 wrote

I’m a Nurse Practitioner and I love me some telemed. Prior to going to school to be an NP, I actually wanted to do house calls. For the convenience to the patient and I even did a house call clinical rotation. I still think that’s better than the now accepted doctor’s office model but telemedicine is even more convenient. A lot of what you do with your provider is based on interview or review of diagnostic tests vs actual physical exam. If you don’t literally need to be looked at, that visit can be a tele visit. Of course there are limitations with things like annual physicals which do require a thorough exam. But a lot of visits can be completed as a televisit and this increases to just about 100% when it comes to psych visits. Very rarely does a person need to physically come to the office for one of these visits.

The real newest trend though is asynchronous. Where you place a request with a provider over some platform. They review and either fill a medication for you, ask for more info or deny you based on info you provided. I see that expanding greatly in the future.


Bournvitta2022 t1_itbgqf5 wrote

It's simple hospitals/Pharma want more money. Telemedicine allows doctors and patients to reduce unnecessary expenditure.


8ew8135 t1_itb3r3s wrote

AI psych health does not work, as of yet. They exist, but told a tester who provided suicidal thoughts “When I’m feeling down I like to curl up in my jammies”


Gathorall t1_itbvfue wrote

Sorry, I didn't quite catch the situation you described.


8ew8135 t1_itiynkd wrote

Some organizations or companies are trying out “AI psych health bots online” instead of person to person psych health, and Jon Oliver described a “test situation” where someone typed:

“I’m having suicidal thoughts”

And the bot replied:

“That’s unfortunate, when I’m having a bad day I like to curl up in my jammies!”

And also (this one I remember less details of):

“My stepfather touched me”


“Tell a parent”


whateversnevermind t1_itg9rp0 wrote

most likely it’s too difficult to properly bill, seems like an opportunity rife with fraud


cumlord1231 t1_itaealm wrote

its the same as online teaching. its easier and faster but the quality of the teaching or providing medicinic help goes way down


[deleted] OP t1_itc3pxd wrote

Nothing you have stated here is reported by any evidence in regards to quality and telehealth. Also there are many who telehealth makes health care practical when in person does not for time or limitations


NotSureBoutDaEcomony t1_itbz3m0 wrote

Good riddance. I don’t want a doctor literally phoning it in. Slowly we’re also pushed to big box stores for healthcare. Get your shots at the drugstore, and pretty soon it’ll be turn your head and cough, oh don’t mind the line of gawkers… We are hurtling towards Idiocracy. We needed universal healthcare ten years ago.


[deleted] OP t1_itc3fbb wrote

Not wanting telemedicine for yourself doesn't mean it's okay that others don't have that choice.


GRozalyn t1_itd2y62 wrote

Dystopia is when people have easy access to a doctor.