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BurningPenguin t1_it7gbaz wrote

If it's an email that is really hard to tell if it's spam or not, it's fine. But i'm getting regularly questions about mails that should be painfully obvious. Especially since those mails aren't unknown to the users in question. The usual crap about "expired password" or "check this totally legit onedrive website hosted on google drive, which i crafted in 2 minutes".

And since my boss doesn't want to adjust the spam filter, so that certain subject lines are filtered, i have to explain the same shit over and over again. Adding a button to make it easier to forward potentially infected emails would make it even more annoying. We're still using Office 2016 btw.


Fat_Wagoneer t1_it7ma7q wrote

Just write two stock emails.

One saying you’re good to go.

Another saying don’t open this, and here’s what to watch out for.


BurningPenguin t1_it7nqdb wrote

Yeah, i have that. But they're calling immediately after sending it. And i'm not always on my computer.