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prehistoric_knight OP t1_itle5ry wrote

Finally standardizing charging ports.

Hoping apple decides not to skip the charging port (to spite this) all together and just do wireless charging.


Dantzig t1_itmazia wrote

I have had a lot of lightning cables by now. They just suck by design and always breaks. My usb-c cables never had problems


ChefArtorias t1_itmi4gd wrote

You'll still need different cords, unfortunately. My Switch needs it's own cord which only works for the Switch. Phone says it should only take Samsung chargers but can use the one from my Steam Deck, but that one won't charge my headphones. It's annoying. They're all USB-C but are anything but interchangable.


HerbHurtHoover t1_itmnf8e wrote

.... uh..... what?


ChefArtorias t1_itmolr6 wrote

All of my devices that use USB C charging need different chargers even though they have the same port. It's infuriating.


HerbHurtHoover t1_itmqmjv wrote

Uh.... sound like you have one shitty cable that doesn't meet power requirements for some of your devices. I have never ever had to use different usb c cable for different devices.


ChefArtorias t1_itmwo88 wrote

Sometimes I know that is the case, like I wouldn't expect a cheap charger to power the switch/deck very quickly, especially not while playing. The powerful chargers not working on less powerful devices is what confuses me. Maybe there's a system in place to prevent it like more wattage from the charger would be dangerous to the small device. Steam charger is brand new and won't charge my headphones which baffles me but I am pretty ignorant about the details of how electricity works.


VIKTORVAV99 t1_itmxpl5 wrote

It has nothing to do with how electricity works and everything to do with the negotiation between the charger, cord and device. They all contain microchips that contains the supported wattage and amperage and they will select the highest supported wattage and amperage by all parts of the chain.


ChefArtorias t1_itn6524 wrote

While I get what you're saying both of those are different aspects of electricity which the microchips are there to regulate. I do know some about electric systems from doing construction but not really details of electronics.


happyscrappy t1_itqyatl wrote

A charger capable of 5A and 20V is the "most powerful" charger. But some devices don't work at 20V.

A charger must be able to supply 5V, and may be able to supply 9V, 15V or 20V. It might supply all 4, or some subset. All devices must support 5V and may support other voltages. So if someone makes a charger that does 5V and 20V and then you plug in a device that wants either 5V or 9V then they will agree on 5V. Then that means you can't charge faster than 15W.

According to the spec it should still charge, just charge slowly. But some companies interpret the spec rather liberally or just don't comply. And then it may not charge at all.

Honestly, Valve seems to do a rather poor job with USB C (USB-PD) really support. So their charger is probably poor at it. A good quality USB C charger may support both your headphones and Steam deck. In case you care, like if you wanted to take only one charger on a trip. Better test it first before you leave on the trip of course!


happyscrappy t1_itqwzvi wrote

The other poster is correct.

With USB C (technically USB-PD) a charger can support anywhere from 15W to 100W (later specs got to 240W, I will ignore these as likely neither you nor he have used any of the later spec chargers or cables).

Additionally a cable can support up to 3A or up to 5A. Given how the spec works, a 3A cable is typically only good for 60W, while a 50A one can go to 100W. Although it is a bit more complicated than that.

A charger must support 5V output. It can support 9V output, 15V output or 20V output additionally but is not required to.

So you can have a cable (limited to 3A) or a charger (limited to something less than 20V, often just 5V) which does not charge some devices well. It can even not charge them at all. And that's before we get to devices that are out of spec. Nintendo's Switch is notoriously out of spec. And Sony's Dualsense controller is also out of spec.

In theory if you have a charger which does all 5 voltages (5,9,15,20) and a cable that does up to 5 amps then it should charge any device as fast as it can be charged. This has been my experience with everything except the Nintendo Switch. And it could be the case with the Sony Dualsense too, although it hasn't been a problem for me.

A 3A cable is not a "shitty" cable, it's just a cable meant for less demanding devices. I typically prefer them because they are cheaper and coil easier (especially good for traveling). I even use them on some of the more demanding devices at times because if you are charging overnight then charging a bit slower isn't an issue, I'm asleep anyway.

Same with chargers, while I have 100W chargers capable of all 4 voltages and 5A they are larger and more expensive so I have a lot more of the less capable chargers because they are smaller and cheaper. The issue of trying to use more demanding devices on less capable chargers is going to be more and more commonplace on USB-C as devices no longer come with chargers and people just use whatever they have.

And since you're the anti-Lightning guy, note that Lightning doesn't seem to go past 3A regardless even a "cheap C cable" is as capable as a Lightning cable in terms of charge speed. And the 5A cables are more capable than any Lightning cable.

Lightning still has the voltage selection issues, if you have a 5V only charger then you're not going to go past 15W no matter what. Often you have a charger that doesn't go past 9V, but few would notice the charge speed difference between 27W and 30W. Both of these issues are the same on USB-C.

If you don't have USB-C devices over 30W (i.e. phones) then you probably wouldn't see these issues with USB-C (or Lightning for that matter).

People will have to get used to these issues and surely will. It's a pretty good spec it should work well for most people most of the time. And from a power delivery perspective it should never work worse than Lightning would in the same situation.


HerbHurtHoover t1_itrld7r wrote

This quite the weird take.

Tell me, do you think the light ing cable wouldn't have this problem if it was actually a standard and not a patent locking tool?


happyscrappy t1_itrom8u wrote

Which particular problem?

Do you mean the voltage issue? No, Lightning has that problem for the same reason USB-C does. Because both use USB-PD and USB-PD was specified in the way it was to keep the costs of chargers down. If a phone maker had to include a 100W 4-voltage agile power supply with their phone it would lead to a lot more cost and waste of materials.

I don't get how this is a "take". I explained how USB-PD (USB-C) produces these problems. And then I explained that Lightning never performs better than USB-C does. USB-C, even with its limitations, is better than Lightning overall and never worse in any case.


HerbHurtHoover t1_itrvgmg wrote

Damn, man. You have no idea what you are saying, do you?


happyscrappy t1_its0tlr wrote

Is this your normal thing? To pretend others who clearly know this stuff well don't know what they are doing?

If you have some questions you want answered I can help. If you would prefer to insult others to divert from something you don't understand then you can just do that by your lonesome.


HerbHurtHoover t1_its1lec wrote

No, you just think quoting a spec sheet makes your argument valid..


happyscrappy t1_its1pyl wrote

Which part of my argument do you think is invalid? Do you have a question you want answered?

Or are you just hurling insults to divert from what you don't understand?


HerbHurtHoover t1_itse039 wrote

I already did that part...... fucking reddit man. You are just dragging the conversation along for no reason. Not everything has to he a constant back and forth.


happyscrappy t1_itsobe6 wrote

It takes two people to make a back and forth. If you don't like a back and forth then don't participate. You can't go blaming someone else for dragging a conversation on when you are 50% of the continuation.

You expressed something about a problem with Lightning. And asked me a question about it. But you refused to express what this problem is.

You complained my argument is not valid just because I listed some specs. But you refuse to say which part isn't valid.

I can't decide which is more ridiculous. Complaining about my argument not being valid but refusing to indicate how, asking me a question and then refusing to specific what the question actually referred to or extending a discussion and then complaining about the discussion being extended.


HerbHurtHoover t1_itsp52g wrote


I didn't say its invalid because you quoted specs. I already said why its invalid, but you have to keep pretending I didn't to keep this going.

You are just straight up lying at this point.

Buh bye


catnipforsale t1_itnaepb wrote

My sister gave my her tablet laptop a couple years ago that used a specific c charger that was lost and I couldn't find a replacement anywhere. Turned out my switch charger was the only thing that worked on it, though it only worked half the time. I'd randomly have to unplug it and plug it back in.


ChefArtorias t1_itnb2j0 wrote

The switch charger is special somehow. I used it to charge my phone when I got my switch because it's so long. Then one day it just won't work anymore. Still worked great on the switch.


theblackfool t1_itmqb5j wrote

You're being downvoted, but I definitely have USB C chargers that don't charge my Switch. I dunno the difference though I'm not tech savvy enough.


007craft t1_itmtt9f wrote

That's because it's all about watts. USB c cables have ratings. Some can do 5 watts, others can do 100. Assuming you have a high quality cable, now you need to worry about the charger. Some do 5w (older chargers) and some do 100 (ultra beefy laptops). The Nintendo switch needs 18w to run in handheld mode and 39 in a docked situation. So assuming you're playing docked, you want your charger to be at least 39watts. If you're just trying to charge the switch on its own, at least 18w. If you plug the switch into a 50 watt charger but only use a cable that can do 10w, then you're limited to 10w. And 10w is not enough to charge the switch.


moldymoosegoose t1_itmu5di wrote

The switch doesn't follow type c specs properly. It can charge properly in handheld but in docked, you need a specific charger that's designed to work in the switch, even if you have the proper wattage. Same with their pro controllers. Certain chargers won't work and handshake properly. Nintendo is a mess.


007craft t1_itmzxw8 wrote

That is not true. I own a switch and charge it just fine while docked using a combination of This generic USB-C Hub (you need to make sure the hub has a USBC power input like this one does), a generic USBC cable (rated properly to do high wattage of course) and This generic AC adapter. No Nintendo dock, cables or charger needed. Since the usb hub and charger are so small, its my portable dock solution (and I have a short 1 foot HDMI cable I bring in my travel case too.


zerpa t1_itmwqhl wrote

This might be true today, but the new legislation explicitly requires compliance to USB standard, including power delivery. It not just about the plug.


yacht_boy t1_itlgo3y wrote

I'd be fine with this. USB c turned out to be such a poorly done standard that I ended up burning through cables and chargers trying to find good ones and also ended up with multiple phones that had broken usb c ports after less than a year of normal usage. Finally have up and switched to an iPhone and haven't missed usb c once.

Edit: for the love of god, stop replying. It's just a USB port.


SwallowYourDreams t1_itli2rz wrote

I've seen several broken microUSB ports, but yet to see a broken USB type C one. Afaik, it's even designed with robustness in mind.


yacht_boy t1_itlpom8 wrote

My last Samsung and Pixel phones both developed USB-C port issues in under a year.


BeginByLettingGo t1_itm005f wrote

You must have loads of shit in your pockets then. The main issue with USB-C is the fact that the pins inside the port get dirty or covered with lint which impedes charging. A simple burst of compressed air clears it right up.


yacht_boy t1_itmey7i wrote

I do not, actually. Phone, wallet (slimmest one I can find), chapstick, keys. Usually try to keep the phone separate from the keys and the wallet so I'm not walking around all lopsided. Tried compressed air and all the other various tricks.


SwallowYourDreams t1_itlx8nw wrote

The trick is not to hammer a screwdriver into it. ;)

Written from a (degoogled) Pixel 4a with a perfectly intact type C port.


yacht_boy t1_itmedvc wrote

Hah. Otterbox cases and all that jazz, I tried hard to make sure the phones lasted.


happyscrappy t1_itm2h94 wrote

I have not found it hard to find good chargers. I bought USB-C chargers from Anker like I did USB-A. And they turned out to be great. As expected.

I am concerned about port lifespan as you are. I think USB-C is a good connector, but nothing beats Lightning for ease of cleaning out pocket lint. And that center fin looks like it could break off. Lightning avoids that center fin.


yacht_boy t1_itmfl1f wrote

I tried to buy quality cables and chargers, including many from Anker. The Anker chargers generally held up but I wasn't as impressed with their cables. Found myself replacing multiple cables a year between our 2 phones and all the places we keep chargers (2 each for bed, couch, office, each car). Have not had an Apple cable go bad on us yet.


HerbHurtHoover t1_itmnqam wrote

Lightning is complete trash. The pins and contacts are so fragile and prone to corrosion that on every lightning cable i've own at least two of the contacts just disappear at some point.


happyscrappy t1_itmzc2f wrote

Been using it the 10 years it has existed. Never had such a problem on any cable at all.

Not that I would be too concerned if I did. The socket is on a $900 device, the cable is $20. The socket being so good is what makes Lightning good.


HerbHurtHoover t1_itocx95 wrote

Its really weird that there are people outright lying for a corporation.


happyscrappy t1_itodh0h wrote

Making bald accusations like that does nothing.

I related my experiences. You related yours.

I've never had a problem with a Lightning connector losing a single contact.

Apple cables shredding their insulation? Sure. I don't use Apple's C to Lightning cables much because of that (and the cost).


HerbHurtHoover t1_itoe4u2 wrote

No, I'm relaying the general truth that the cables fall apart with a stuff breeze. You are trying to muddy the waters for some dumb reason.

And its ALL lightning cables. Apple owns the patent and won't license it to anyone that would actually make a long lasting product.

USB-C is license free. Meaning actual competition makes the cables better.


happyscrappy t1_itoeqy6 wrote

> No, I'm relaying the general truth that the cables fall apart with a stuff breeze. You are trying to muddy the waters for some dumb reason.

No. You are relating your experiences. I am relating mine.

You suggest that you had multiple pins fall out of Lightning cable connectors. I indicate I have had none.

There's no difference here. You are not the arbiter of truth, nor do you have a platform from which to make any kind of serious shill accusation from nor claims that I am "muddying" anything.

> And its ALL lightning cables. Apple owns the patent and won't license it to anyone that would actually make a long lasting product.

Nonsense. I get most of my cables from Anker. They last longer than Apple's, insulation-wise. And as I said, I've never had a problem with the connector itself so that's no different.

> USB-C is license free. Meaning actual competition makes the cables better.

Not sure what this has to do with anything other than your fantasy about collusion to make bad cables.


HerbHurtHoover t1_itpx0id wrote

Jesus christ, give it a rest. You aren't fooling anyone. Its common knowledge that they fall apart. This weird gaslighting shtick is just sad.


happyscrappy t1_itqm5ag wrote

This isn't a case of you speaking the God's truth and me lying.

We are both relating our experiences.

You suggest that you had multiple pins fall out of Lightning cable connectors. I indicate I have had none. I've never had a problem with the connector itself on any Lightning cable. And I've been using them since the last iPod Nano (the first one that used Lightning).


HerbHurtHoover t1_itqmpj5 wrote

The fact you have to keep claiming im relaying only my experiences, which i am not, says all anyone needs to know about you. Pathetic.


Trout22 t1_itlnoil wrote

Said literally no one ever. If you are having issues with USB C apple cords will be even tougher lol


yacht_boy t1_itlq78c wrote

13 months in and not one single issue with the apple cords. My wife made the switch, too, after her Samsung kept having USB C issues. Every single device that has USB C has been problematic for me except for the Macbook Air I bought last year. Even my HP laptop barely made it 18 months before both ports stopped working well.


Xori1 t1_itlyx9h wrote

What a load of crap. Usb c is the far sturdier port than lightning. Don’t get me started on micro usb. Maybe look at your user habits instead of blaming a great port that has other issues (standards) for reliability flaws.


yacht_boy t1_itmej5d wrote

Never defended micro usb. My habits are to put my phone in a case and then keep it in my pocket. I work an office job and sit around all day. Pockets have phone, wallet, keys, and chapstick and very rarely anything else. Maybe don't get so worked up about a USB port?


yacht_boy t1_itmdz5b wrote

Meh, my experience is dissimilar. I didn't really want to switch to Apple, and I didn't really want to switch charging cables. But after having so many phones give me hardware issues I made the switch. Not a huge fan of Apple software, but the hardware is exceptional and the charging has been rock solid.

Also worth noting that the wireless charging on the Apple works so much better than it did on the Pixel or Samsung I had previously that I actually use it, which also relieves pressure on the phone port.


HerbHurtHoover t1_itmo28z wrote

Whats with all these weird obviously bullshit stories whenever this topic gets brought up.

Apple's cables are notorious garbage. They break within six months top. You are pretending to be ignorant of this... why?


yacht_boy t1_itn0ig0 wrote

Not pretending to be ignorant of anything. I was a loyal android person for years, but the build quality was consistently crap no matter what brand I bought or how much I spent. I've only been on Apple for 13 months but so far the hardware is 10x better on all things, including the cables. I don't love the software experience and miss a lot about android, but I no longer have issues with basic functions like charging my device.


HerbHurtHoover t1_itod0cd wrote

No, you are just trying to pass yourself as impartial to sell the bullshit


yallmad4 t1_itlze2b wrote

I'm really glad you're the kind of person shitposting to reddit instead of making a difference in the world or the world would be much worse.

Keep up the good work.


yacht_boy t1_itmdggl wrote

I had no idea that the USB C standard was so vital to making the world a better place.


framk20 t1_itlqlr2 wrote

Funny that you're getting downvoted when you're 100% right here. The spec is absolute garbage under the hood, the only thing they got right was rotational symmetry


yacht_boy t1_itme8jl wrote

I'm not surprised that people pile on downvotes for weird shit on reddit, but I am surprised that so many people seem to have based their self-worth on a USB standard.

I had at least 4 devices with crappy USB C ports before I reluctantly switched over to Apple. All I do is use my phone like a normal person with an office job.


redditmudder t1_itlocyb wrote

Prediction: Apple will just remove any connector altogether... the law has an exception for devices that charge wirelessly.


PM_ME_YOUR_BEAMSHOTS t1_itlyvq9 wrote

I could see Pixel phones following suite to attract the iPhone crowd.

gently caresses my moto's sd port and 3.5m jack


FreezingRobot t1_itm0ioc wrote

My prediction is they will move to USB-C for everything, and then will stop shipping the USB cable with the devices without dropping the price. For the environment, of course.


nicuramar t1_itni85o wrote

Just because it isn’t, or you feel it isn’t, really for the environment, doesn’t mean it isn’t good for the environment.


cykocys t1_itoelwm wrote

Yeah, they care so much about the environment that they actively go out of their way to make their shit harder to repair contributing to e-waste and come up with dumb proprietary BS instead of using normal standards so there more random crap to buy.

Round of applause for Apple. Really saving the environment and all.


nicuramar t1_its30xy wrote

Just because there are other things Apple might do that you feel is bad for the environment doesn’t mean that not shipping chargers isn’t good for the environment. Any company can always do more.


CocodaMonkey t1_itlvrmj wrote

The law also has rules on using standard wireless charging methods. So they can't escape this law as either they follow the rules for wired or wireless, they simply can't do their own thing anymore.


Atilim87 t1_itmro5l wrote

Not that easy though.

You may have small differences between markets but overal the difference between these versions aren’t visible.

Apple isn’t going to make massively different iPhones because per market and won’t risk losing out in major markets by not having a charging port.


redditmudder t1_itp3hy7 wrote

Apple already makes several different versions of each model they sell. For example, there are QTY5 different "iphone 12 mini" variants, based on region.


Atilim87 t1_itp8cgg wrote

You are referring to small differences, like a model has a different 4/5g chip. The overall design doesn't change because of a Bluetooth chip.

The design would change drastically if you remove the charging port.


redditmudder t1_itq1a7l wrote

There are QTY156 different iPhone 12 mini configurations (e.g. MG7G3LL/A, MG773LL/A, etc). These variations indicate color, flash memory, etc. However, I'm referring to the actual model differences, which do have major hardware differences. For example:
iPhone 12 mini (A2176) is sold exclusively in the USA and is the only model to support mmWave (a big difference), whereas;
iPhone 12 mini (A2398) is sold exclusively in Canada and Japan, whereas;
iPhone 12 mini (2399) is sold in most other countries, and has dual nanoSIM cards (a big difference), whereas;
iPhone 12 mini (A2400) is sold in China and has several encryption/security features disabled.

These four different models have bigger differences than whether or not the phone has the physical connector installed. The point is that Apple already has region specific phones.


SuperToxin t1_itmsgxh wrote

i really hope this happens cause it'll just be a big "Fuck you" to everyone lol


The_Countess t1_itppnup wrote

Mostly to their own customers though... so i wouldn't put it past them.


ohnourfeelings t1_itldx6d wrote

Good. I am betting Apple will just make all the iPhones usb-c by that time to avoid different designs.


SwallowYourDreams t1_itlijz7 wrote

True. Wireless charging is pretty inefficient and would be a truly stupid decision at a point where the world needs to cut its use of energy wherever it can, not increase it.


wag3slav3 t1_itlykpv wrote

Apple is known to be super petty tho. I give it a 50/50 shot that they move even further from usbc across the board and go wireless just to spite the EU.


wizardstrikes2 t1_itn9l7y wrote

Nobody owns electricity and restricting electricity is stupid and propaganda.

The only places experiencing a “man made energy crisis” are the stupid countries that aren’t implementing generation III+ nuclear.

No human has the right to tell another person how to use electricity. Nobody owns it and it isn’t a resource.

The world needs to double/triple electricity usage….


AidenNo1 t1_itnjuhq wrote

What about the rest of the world?


Ediwir t1_itow6i5 wrote

They’ll use whatever Apple produces. Which, unless they want to bloat their productions costs for nothing, will be USB-C.


SpiritualTwo5256 t1_itpn72c wrote

With this ruling we can finally get some good equipment standardized across all electronics


Moremedialies t1_itm0ybf wrote

This is the first step in bringing back consumer protection, now let’s insist they pass laws allowing for reasonable right of repair on all electronic products.


[deleted] t1_itn8kjx wrote



Stiggalicious t1_itnaoav wrote

I think phones and laptops and pads yes, not sure about headphone charging cases, but my guess is also yes.

Though Magsafe3 is still safe, because the MacBooks can also charge from USBC and are thus already compliant.


gurenkagurenda t1_itphm28 wrote

MacBooks already have USB-C charging, iPads are moving to USB-C with new models anyway, and it’s not going to make any sense to continue using a different cable just for AirPods.


arsenix t1_itmxxfa wrote

Good now fix photos and video over sms!


dberretta_8 t1_itoz5j2 wrote

Gonna be hilarious when the European version of the phone is portless


The_Countess t1_itpq6rh wrote

Very. If that happens I know I'll be laughing when a apple user needs to charge their phone. instead of being able to borrow anyone's cable they'll have to find someone who carried their wireless charger around with them all the time. Good luck.


Exotic_Treacle7438 t1_itmj9xu wrote

When they do change to usb-c, it’ll be their idea in their press note.


Sushrit_Lawliet t1_itn0hyy wrote

And they shouldn’t be allowed to ditch all ports altogether. Wireless is great but it is a gigantic waste of energy. You can put magnets for maximum alignment but you’re still wasting energy.

Also please we need faster than USB2 speeds given how most Raw files will not be feasible to move with other ways.


wizardstrikes2 t1_itn9b76 wrote

There is no such thing as wasting electricity. Electricity isn’t a resource.

This type of thinking is dangerous and propaganda


DanielPhermous t1_itnifa6 wrote

> There is no such thing as wasting electricity.

If you use it up but don't use it, it's wasted.

> Electricity isn’t a resource.

Sure, if you like.


wizardstrikes2 t1_itnioie wrote

You are wasting money, not electricity.

It isn’t what I like, it is science. Electricity is a secondary energy source.

Thinking electricity is a resource is FUD and used as propaganda


GreyGreenBrownOakova t1_itnmskh wrote

Yeah. For accuracy, people need to say "stop wasting 31% coal, 5% solar, 36% natural gas, 1% hydro....wait, let me check the solar irradiance..."


wizardstrikes2 t1_itnopks wrote

There is no accuracy in the propaganda of “wasting electricity” so I would just say nothing lol


GreyGreenBrownOakova t1_itorb4h wrote

It's wasting electricity, because it's something that has to be generated.

I don't think you understand what propaganda means. Hint, it's not just something you don't agree with.


wizardstrikes2 t1_itorjty wrote

Yes it has to be generated so people have unlimited near zero carbon electricity. Generation IIi+ nuclear solves the energy crisis. Restriction is stupid and in the US unconstitutional.

Canada, USA, Japan, and South Korea are all bringing small modular reactors to solve the manmade energy crisis. Canada will be online in 2028

If you don’t think the manmade energy crisis is propaganda I would recommend ya do some research.


GreyGreenBrownOakova t1_itos60j wrote

After we have free electricity, we can waste it. Right now, my electricity comes from coal.

> Restriction is stupid and in the US unconstitutional.

LOL. which section would that be under? The one where you get free stuff?


wizardstrikes2 t1_itosltd wrote

I would elect officials that want generation III+ nuclear, solar, wind electricity. Do you know who has unlimited near zero carbon electricity, Everyone near a nuclear power plant….. electricity shouldn’t be free ever, it should be unlimited, safe, and near zero carbon. Many places already have it!

Sorry the people running your city governments/states/countries are corrupt and have brainwashed people thinking that restricting usage is the solution. Don’t vote for those people.


GreyGreenBrownOakova t1_itot0wi wrote

>I would elect officials

your talking about the distant future, we are talking about the present.

>have brainwashed people thinking that restricting usage is the solution.

there is zero restrictions in my state. You can purchase as much as you want, destroying the environment in the process. Your entire theory is based on what-ifs and misconceptions.


wizardstrikes2 t1_itotgou wrote

I am talking now. There are 98 nuclear reactors in 30 U.S. states. Not a single city or adjacent cities that have kept up their grids have a manmade electricity crisis.

Your house is restricted by local code to only allow a certain amount of electricity. Most (not all) cap you around 400amp to 800amp without a commercial license.

Your town is awesome, with no electricity restrictions, now you guys need to get off coal because you are wasting it and your city is ruining the environment.

We are near zero carbon electricity, we don’t need restrictions as it has never been a consumer issue, your elected officials have failed you for decades.


GreyGreenBrownOakova t1_itoztx4 wrote

It's a story about the EU, but as a typical American, you have to make it all about you.

>Your house is restricted by local code to only allow a certain amount of electricity.

not true.

>without a commercial license.

no such thing here. Commercial business get a discount for higher usage.

>now you guys need to get off coal because you are wasting it and your city is ruining the environment.

yes, we are. Things take time. In the meantime, we need to avoid wasting electricity.

>We are near zero carbon electricity

not even remotely true.


wizardstrikes2 t1_itp2414 wrote

100% true lol. We have nuclear, hydroelectric, and solar.

Sorry some places don’t have nuclear, you guys are destroying the planet. You are wasting coal, not electricity.

Funny how you edit the responses. Hard to argue with a propagandist.


GreyGreenBrownOakova t1_itseobf wrote

nothing you have said is remotely true. The world still uses fossil fuels and needs to avoid wasting electricity.


wizardstrikes2 t1_itsnz7j wrote

The entire world doesn’t use fossil fuels for making electricity, stupid humans do, and only in certain areas run by stupid elected officials.

There is no such thing as wasting electricity. Fix the manmade grid and production crisis your local area is facing. It is your elected officials fault and is not the fault of consumers .

That is propaganda. Stop telling near zero carbon electric customers how to use electricity because your city is run poorly.

The world is full of Karen’s, these Karen’s need to focus on their own electricity manmade crisis before telling other people how to use theirs who aren’t facing an electricity crisis at all.


GreyGreenBrownOakova t1_itspggq wrote

Electricity is part of a grid and most grids use some form of fossil fuel. We need to stop wasting electricity, so we reduce CO2 emissions. Only an idiot can't understand this.


wizardstrikes2 t1_itspqr9 wrote

Nobody owns electricity. Your area uses fossil fuels, that is a local problem, not a global consumer problem.

Again there are tons of near zero carbon users with nuclear, solar, wind and hydroelectric. Stop telling others how to use electricity and fix your local manmade crisis

If you care about the environment start voting for people who promote Generation III+ nuclear


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Electricity is generated by utilities. Utilities are regulated by governments. If you don’t have nuclear it is your governments fault, not the utility or the consumers

We don’t have basements in any of our homes.

People have the right to use as much near zero carbon electricity as they wish or can afford.

Telling people to hold their farts to save the environment is about as stupid as telling someone to restrict electricity usage. Nothing in life is free


DanielPhermous t1_itnmy1z wrote

> You are wasting money, not electricity.

I have solar.

>It isn’t what I like, it is science

Okay. Could I have a scientific source that you cannot waste electricity, please?


wizardstrikes2 t1_itno41b wrote

Solar isn’t free.

The source is common sense. Your city should provide you with however much you need or can afford of near zero carbon electricity.

Electricity is a fundamental human right. It isn’t something that can be controlled and dictated on proper use by Karen’s or governments


DanielPhermous t1_itntfv2 wrote

> Solar isn’t free.

It finished paying for itself two years ago.

>The source is common sense.

Ah, so no scientific source for your purported scientific claim.

>Electricity is a fundamental human right.

Sounds like you're just inventing bullshit on the fly now. Do you have a source for this one? Because I have several that contradict you.


wizardstrikes2 t1_itnu6q6 wrote

I promise electricity is a secondary energy source. Calling it a resource is FUD.

Also bullshit on your 2 year ROI on solar lol. Is food a fundamental right? Well unless you are heavily tax subsidized by your neighbors taxes). How about freedom of speech?

You don’t need a link, common sense should tell you near zero carbon electricity is a fundamental right for every human on earth.

Though the United Nations is garbage, they have a good starting elementary list of 30. Most credible people would say minimum 50. UN isn’t smart though


DanielPhermous t1_itnvbnz wrote

>I promise electricity is a secondary energy source. Calling it a resource is FUD.

There are quite a few problems with that.

One: Your source doesn't say it's not a resource. It only says it is a secondary energy source. There is nothing to say those terms are mutually exclusive.

Two: Secondary energy sources include petroleum. Are you arguing that petroleum is not a resource?

Three: I asked for a source that electricity cannot be wasted. That is the core argument here. Do you have one or not?

> Also bullshit on your 2 year ROI on solar lol.

I didn't say it took two years. I said it finished two years ago. Judging by your tactics so far, I would expect that is a deliberate misinterpretation so you can avoid the uncomfortable point that you have no answer for: that my electricity is currently free.

>You don’t need a link, common sense should...

You say that a lot. For the record, I agree it should be. However, I don't agree that it is.

So: Source?


wizardstrikes2 t1_itor39d wrote

Here let me explain the difference. Secondary energy source means a usable energy source, the energy potential of which arises as a by-product of energy conversion and end consumption upon release from resources. Natural resources are materials or substances such as minerals, oil, heavy metals like uranium, wood, water, that occur in nature and can be used for economic gain. It is apparent you didn’t know the difference.

Saying wasting electricity is intellectually disingenuous. If you don’t know why at this point can’t help ya


DanielPhermous t1_itosmf6 wrote

>If you don’t know why at this point can’t help ya

Yes, clearly you are having quite the difficulty finding a source to back up your claims. Weird. You would expect scientific topics would be better documented.


wizardstrikes2 t1_itoswan wrote

I claimed that electricity is a second energy source and not a resource. Again if you can’t figure out the difference, even when given the definition, you don’t get it heheh.

Electricity isn’t a resource lol, you can’t waste it. You can either use it or not use it.


DanielPhermous t1_itot5ox wrote

Huh. Still no sources. I'm going to shut down inbox replies now. You may get in the last word if you like, but I will not be notified and will not return to read it.


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Maybe if they throw enough money into the furnace they can even get them to finally make a real USB-C standard that isn't a running joke in the industry.


AnnualZebra t1_itnsnof wrote

Man the stupidest laws I hear are from EU jesus…


Serpa45 t1_itplr4w wrote


stupidest laws come fron the USA


The_Countess t1_itpqta2 wrote

As we generally keep Jesus and the like out of our politics, the stupidest laws don't come from the EU.

And this law is actually pretty good. pro consumer, standardization, allows for extensions (it just dictates a minimum) and allows for future port changes if the entire industry can agree on a new standard (basically if the USB-IF creates a new plug for these use cases that becomes the new standard).


AnnualZebra t1_itr0hrw wrote

Who decides what the consumer wants, the consumer, the market decides, governments always likes to overreach their power just to make a point and for bureaucracy's sake, all this red tape for nothing....


The_Countess t1_its800k wrote

>the consumer, the market decides

Those 2 don't always agree. What consumer want and what some companies can get away with doesn't always align.

And here the market still decides, through the USB-IF, the only difference now is that it doesn't allow any hold-outs clinging to a old, slow and anti-consumer connectors.

And where exactly is the red tap?

You seem to have a idea stuck in your head that doesn't align with reality here.


MsGoogleEyes t1_itlougb wrote

its nice to have usb-c but it wouldnt make a bit of difference. no matter what objects i collect will make up for the fact im 5’4


framk20 t1_itlq1qd wrote

I'm all for open standards, but there are significant and legitimate issues with the usb-c spec as it exists. Most people aren't even aware of the dozen or so variants of usb-c that exist and that can pose significant issues for performance and make charge times incredibly variable depending on which flavor of usb-c cable the user plugs into their port. Ultimately greater transparency is needed on the side of cable manufacturers to state clearly which variant their cables use


PM_ME_YOUR_BEAMSHOTS t1_itlxxwf wrote

There's no dispute usb-c has become bloated and convoluted in design but those problems pale in comparison to not being able to charge your device at all because you don't have the proprietary cable.


framk20 t1_itlzduw wrote

I totally get that, but having core functionality unusable because a given cable completely obscures the fact it doesn't support whatever extension you need is also a nightmare for the end users