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redditmudder t1_itlocyb wrote

Prediction: Apple will just remove any connector altogether... the law has an exception for devices that charge wirelessly.


PM_ME_YOUR_BEAMSHOTS t1_itlyvq9 wrote

I could see Pixel phones following suite to attract the iPhone crowd.

gently caresses my moto's sd port and 3.5m jack


FreezingRobot t1_itm0ioc wrote

My prediction is they will move to USB-C for everything, and then will stop shipping the USB cable with the devices without dropping the price. For the environment, of course.


nicuramar t1_itni85o wrote

Just because it isn’t, or you feel it isn’t, really for the environment, doesn’t mean it isn’t good for the environment.


cykocys t1_itoelwm wrote

Yeah, they care so much about the environment that they actively go out of their way to make their shit harder to repair contributing to e-waste and come up with dumb proprietary BS instead of using normal standards so there more random crap to buy.

Round of applause for Apple. Really saving the environment and all.


nicuramar t1_its30xy wrote

Just because there are other things Apple might do that you feel is bad for the environment doesn’t mean that not shipping chargers isn’t good for the environment. Any company can always do more.


CocodaMonkey t1_itlvrmj wrote

The law also has rules on using standard wireless charging methods. So they can't escape this law as either they follow the rules for wired or wireless, they simply can't do their own thing anymore.


Atilim87 t1_itmro5l wrote

Not that easy though.

You may have small differences between markets but overal the difference between these versions aren’t visible.

Apple isn’t going to make massively different iPhones because per market and won’t risk losing out in major markets by not having a charging port.


redditmudder t1_itp3hy7 wrote

Apple already makes several different versions of each model they sell. For example, there are QTY5 different "iphone 12 mini" variants, based on region.


Atilim87 t1_itp8cgg wrote

You are referring to small differences, like a model has a different 4/5g chip. The overall design doesn't change because of a Bluetooth chip.

The design would change drastically if you remove the charging port.


redditmudder t1_itq1a7l wrote

There are QTY156 different iPhone 12 mini configurations (e.g. MG7G3LL/A, MG773LL/A, etc). These variations indicate color, flash memory, etc. However, I'm referring to the actual model differences, which do have major hardware differences. For example:
iPhone 12 mini (A2176) is sold exclusively in the USA and is the only model to support mmWave (a big difference), whereas;
iPhone 12 mini (A2398) is sold exclusively in Canada and Japan, whereas;
iPhone 12 mini (2399) is sold in most other countries, and has dual nanoSIM cards (a big difference), whereas;
iPhone 12 mini (A2400) is sold in China and has several encryption/security features disabled.

These four different models have bigger differences than whether or not the phone has the physical connector installed. The point is that Apple already has region specific phones.


SuperToxin t1_itmsgxh wrote

i really hope this happens cause it'll just be a big "Fuck you" to everyone lol


The_Countess t1_itppnup wrote

Mostly to their own customers though... so i wouldn't put it past them.