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Sad_Ad2489 t1_iu6ap6j wrote

Great, and I don't doubt BEVs are much better for the enviroment compared to ICE vehicles. However, how are they powered? Can renewables scale up as fast? Could we achieve better returns on investment by upgrading house insulation and converting homes to electric heat? Should it start with commercial and government fleets?

While it seems good, it sounds like politicians making policy they don't understand and don't need to be responsible for personally...


Bensemus t1_iu6qrzg wrote

The great thing is they are just greener even on current power grids using fossil fuels. This is because ICE cars are just terrible. They set the bar extremely low. Renewables are also constantly being added as we expand our grids and not just because they are green either. They can also just be the cheaper option which makes it even easier to do.