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elictronic t1_iu6benl wrote

Stupid hysterical titles. Cars and Vans not all vehicles. Unless we are considering trucks, 4 wheelers, big rigs, airplanes.


snap-erection t1_iudb2ve wrote

So that makes for 90% of vehicles though right?


elictronic t1_iuid4kg wrote

Lets say sure, because I don't feel like looking up EU vehicle sales by specific models.
Most people only read the headline especially on articles that are paywalled. From that headline I infer that 'ALL' new vehicles will be electric by 2035. The without precedent really brings that home, not 90%, or all vehicles under some weight, or all consumer grade vehicles or whatever other delineation.

Why does this matter, because I am really getting tired of explaining to idiots in real life why their truck, big rig, boat, or other major piece of equipment isn't being taken away from them in the next 5 years, and their panties can be untwisted.

This shit actually matters, and articles like these are causing hysterics that then lead to people voting against policies that make sense. Considering the Washington Post is a legitimate news source it is doubly annoying.