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Spare_Industry_6056 t1_iu6c61o wrote

This is a super easy fix. They're called gas stations, but they use a different type of fuel.

Seriously, you're nit picking. Compared to the problem they address, this is lame.


in2q21 t1_iu7q1ux wrote

the difference is 30 mins charge against 5 minutes in gas stations. All would be better if mr Elon Decided didn't decided hydrogen is not cool


Dinokknd t1_iu8566g wrote

The key is better public transportation and bicycles. No need to charge a car if you don't need to own a car.

Also. ICE vehicles aren't banned, you can still get second-hand models.


DonQuixBalls t1_iu9lg9n wrote

He didn't decide it, he just recognized it. Hydrogen is a dead end pushed almost exclusively by the fossil fuel companies selling it.


Spare_Industry_6056 t1_iu7t97g wrote

Contemplate the thousands and thousands of dollars saved by an EV over ICE, getting a coffee or a quick lunch once a week while you charge up isn't really a world ender.