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darklink594594 t1_iu7hazw wrote

It's a '17 sonota and I was thinking of getting it from there but I ended up finding one for $1100 after shipping on ebay with only 50k miles on it. And the dealer said they can install it for $1.3k. An oem battery is almost $4k. But I didn't expect for it to go out so soon. And most gas cars get the same mpg as my 5 year old hybrid now so it feels like diminishing returns for me. I drive 30k a year with my commute alone so I'd rather have a gas car where the 2 big things that can go out is the engine and trans. Where a hybrid has that plus the battery


DonQuixBalls t1_iu9mcnm wrote

Hybrids are better than gas, but only juuust barely. Small savings for the added complexity.


darklink594594 t1_iu9n0sk wrote

They're great for in town but 90% of my driving is highway. And idk why I'm getting all the down votes I'm just expressing that I have to spend all this money on a new batterey for a car that I stoll owe thousands of dollars on, like this is a real thing that's happening to me and this is my experience lol