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snap-erection t1_iudaikp wrote

Are you aware that things aren't great for a vast number of people on the planet?


FacelessFellow t1_iudfvur wrote

Well people complaining about parking usually aren’t the poorest.


snap-erection t1_iudh1d1 wrote

Dude we're not talking about people who live in a trashcan ok? They couldn't give a rat's ass about cars or petrol prices. There's lots of people even with jobs that are pretty poor, and they need to have a car to get anywhere also, and their shit landlords didn't actually build any parking but they have to park wherever they can.

And even if they are complaining about parking, they still can't run a 200m cable across the street to their car to charge it. None of this is "solved", like people here like to comment, just because they just thought of it 5 minutes ago.