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Joe_Anselm t1_itqmllh wrote

Everything in moderation! But yes, video games have been proven to have some mental health benefits also.


Adventurous_Sleep_ t1_itr0o6j wrote

It was never based off of any study that it was bad for the brain. Just geezers stuck in their ways.

Moderation for EVERYTHING


Korean_Sandwich t1_itqqjc9 wrote

I played 2-4 hours a day when I was a kid. I turned out ok


godsfist101 t1_ittkm15 wrote

I played 4-6, still do, doing pretty well for myself too.


DaemonAnts t1_itr6vvo wrote

I wonder how much time they spent studying World of Warcraft chat logs?


facemanbarf t1_itrhpkx wrote

How about adults? Am I too late “to the game”??


Competitive-Cow-4177 t1_itsfnpq wrote

I know people who got totally f%cked up after spending too much time behind screens, gaming ..

They turned epileptic.


TriSamples t1_itydt54 wrote

What came first the smart kid that wants to play video games or video games.

Correlation is not causation should be stapled to every single media outlet. How are they allowed to regurgitate the same lies drawn from studies that don’t conclude these claims.


monchota t1_itrsav4 wrote

No shit, we have known this for years. In my mid 30s and do well, the kids in high school who made fun video snd table top games. All live in trailers and are thier 2nd marriage or divorce and kids with multiple people.