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IAmTheKingOfSpain t1_ir80037 wrote

I feel like laws like this should be written with an expiry. Say, 5 or 10 years. And then you can see what the market does and reintroduce legislation if it goes poorly? Maybe this is idealistic, but would be cool


Amckinstry t1_ir9k1tg wrote

The EU basically said to Industry "standardize, or we'll force a standard".

It was up to the industry to propose the best standard and a potential track for evolution. Apple mostly stayed away as the rest of the industry clustered around USB (-C), so the EU has now forced a standard around USB (-C).

There is still scope for changes in the future -- see changes on power, data rates as long as the form-factor is maintained, but yes, it'll be up to $INDUSTRY to propose changes in regulation before adapters can be changed in the future.


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IAmTheKingOfSpain t1_ir8mc4d wrote

What do you mean by "it goes poorly"? Having a new standard that emerges after the law expires seems like an acceptable outcome.


Deimos_F t1_ir9mchi wrote

Until some other "super special and unique" corporation decides to use a different cable to sell more of their own accessories and others follow suit and we get back to square one.

Had the whole industry played nice there would be no need for a law.