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80sCrackBaby t1_iu7yuc6 wrote

its Chinese spyware and is still used by millions


what the fuck is going on in America


distractionfactory t1_iu7zcqu wrote

We spent too much money on learning how to market products that are bad for people and making sure schools cranked out people susceptible to marketing strategies that make you think paying money for poison is a good way to exercise your freedom.

And now we wonder why telling people that something is bad for them isn't enough to get them to stop using it.


isthisafinsta t1_iu97rer wrote

life is hard and shitty and I want to enjoy and easy way to watch cats and people dancing or helping teach me new things.

Our society is pathologically, insidiously lonely. We’ll take whatever we can get.


honsense t1_iu9k5i3 wrote

Maybe society wouldn't be so lonely if people weren't being atomized by apps designed to keep you glued to the screen.


twisty125 t1_iubvt2e wrote

No, my life is lonely and shitty without it Mr. "I'm super duper smart"


Tavionnf t1_iu96ys3 wrote

Most just don't care. Try to talk to them about it and they will think you're paranoid.


MonkeyCube t1_iu8dpjp wrote

Self-interest is beating out group-cohesion and self-protection in just an absolute banger of a 1-v-2 fight.


lunarNex t1_iu9oxkr wrote

Idiots addicted to social media and internet attention.


Gberg888 t1_iu8a63b wrote

We care more about bouncing titties in some dancing hottie than the protection of our data...


Jhendo1526 t1_iu8btrj wrote

Attention span of goldfish. The idea of 15-30 second videos was absolutely genius. Keeps people hooked.


[deleted] t1_iu8giyg wrote



thenerdal t1_iu8jtnd wrote

They do have good ideas in the app though.

You can download videos and it gives you their tag. Never been done before.

You can find the original video by going to the audio source usually, never been done before.

You can Duo and stitch, I don't think this has been done before.

You can use a lot of popular songs in your videos without worrying about it being taken down.

Then you have the bonuses of filters, quick editing and a great algorithm.

Imo this makes it the best video service.


Rageinus t1_iu85wem wrote

I have family that will ask "oh did you see that thing on tiktok?" I'm like "no, but china sees all of your shit don't send me that shit."


subdep t1_iu9idao wrote

Yeah, never have and never will install tik tok.


akmjolnir t1_iu9mei1 wrote

Maybe the Apple and Play stores should pull it?


Kahemoto t1_iu9zf15 wrote

Everything you do tracks you. Put your debit/credit card into the Walmart app and then use your card at the store. The app will update to tell you what you bought even though you didn’t put your info in at the register


80sCrackBaby t1_iuc03fb wrote

there is a diffrence between walmart


and the CCP


bildramer t1_iu8jug7 wrote

Trump wanted to ban it, and Trump is bad, so banning it is bad, so it didn't get banned. It's that simple.


goalpost_mover t1_iu8xl40 wrote

Even when Trump is right, he's wrong. My mommy told me so! 😛