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Street_Following6911 t1_iu83hjz wrote

People are conditioned to giving away their data. It's free it's fun it's what's popular. I personally don't really like the short form content but I'm probably not the demographic anyways. There are plenty of sites still out there I can look at short vids of people being idiots.


KamikazeWaterm3lon t1_iuc0j1u wrote

I mean. If you're American you were already assigned a number at birth. We carry monitoring equipment in our pocket. Big brother already has everything even if you try and keep your data private. I'm all for privacy but at that point, why even bother?


Street_Following6911 t1_iuc0yug wrote

Big brother and Uncle Sam are always looking over your shoulder. Then you got cousin Elon and Jeff and Mark. Do we really need more? Lol