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745395 t1_iu85c4m wrote

Oh no, big bad red communist socialist evil China. Way scarier than America is doing to Americans by way of Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, and the entire US government. oh nooooooooo!


mrbaryonyx t1_iu9qs2c wrote

zoomers when the thing they don't like is doing something bad: "oh my god this needs to be cancelled!"

zoomers when the thing they like is doing something bad: "who cares the american government does bad things too!"


StreetCornVendor t1_iu864ro wrote

So it’s okay to let the notoriously evil country continue their surveillance of foreigners.


Pfandfreies_konto t1_iu8e78j wrote

I think his point is: the same measures should be taken for domestic entities. It's bad no matter who does it.


goalpost_mover t1_iu8xbxz wrote

Yeah, but this article is about TikTok. Whataboutisms only deflect from the topic.

>It's bad no matter who does it.

Agree. I'd hope the CCP shill above you says the same thing about TikTok when Facebook is mentioned.

Oh wait... 😲


Edit: And downvotes aren't gonna change the truth, son.


January28thSixers t1_iu8epbw wrote

I don't live in China so I don't really give a fuck if they're tracking me. Google or Facebook are here and report to the American government, where I actually live.


Lille7 t1_iu8jf9f wrote

Are you talking about america or china?


benito_fusilloni t1_iubwlf9 wrote

Which country are we talking about? You’re going to have to be more specific. The one fighting a proxy war that can’t be one or the one shockingly pulling citizens out of poverty?