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Modsda3 t1_iu8lq30 wrote


K1nsey6 t1_iu9ixlz wrote

He wanted to give it's ad revenue and tracking info to a US company, not save us from China.


mrbaryonyx t1_iu9qh1u wrote

exactly, that company was Oracle


K1nsey6 t1_iu9ue2k wrote

It was Oracle AND Walmart. A retail company's wet dream


Daimakku1 t1_iu9ffqt wrote

Same, but dont give him too much credit. He only wanted to ban Tiktok because Tiktok kids trolled him by buying all the stadium seats for his campaigns and made it seem like they were going to be huge, and they turned out to be half empty. He got butthurt and wanted to ban it. Nothing the guy ever did was for the good of anyone but himself.