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Rental_Car t1_is7yroh wrote

The risk is the mainland will cut them out of that market


sooprvylyn t1_is8247m wrote

Its a big ass market. I dont blame them


FlyingCockAndBalls t1_is87822 wrote

I do. fuck these corpos taking money over being ethical. These fuckers need to burn in hell for enabling the chinese government to commit these atrocities


Frenchiie t1_is8cz0t wrote

blame the US and Europe for not doing the same to Chinese businesses.


Meesterchongo t1_is8dgev wrote

Who needs to burn what? China doesn’t have to allow PayPal to do business in their country. They set the rules for engagement. Now I don’t like them, but that’s what happens when you look to do business in a bureaucratic dictatorship that controls their economy. Especially since Hong Kong has finally been gripped by the CCPP.

Are you anti Disney? Just wondering


FlyingCockAndBalls t1_is8eqet wrote

I am anti disney yes


Meesterchongo t1_is8fxfu wrote

Now that’s what Im talking about. And the reason I’m against them Is because they are very outspoken about social issues America but don’t say shit about China


sooprvylyn t1_is8leer wrote

How much chinese shit is in your house, mr high horse? Bet you choose cheap shit over being ethical yourself....but im sure youll find a way to say your purchasing decisions are big business' fault.

Edit: no reply huh, just downvotes? Thats what i thought. Hold a mirror up and people close their eyes. Reddit is so full of virtue signaling hypocrites without any agency over their own lives looking for shit to point their fingers at.


BallardRex t1_is888iw wrote

It’s time to fish or cut bait with China. I think following the new US model of divestment and restrictions makes a lot of sense, whatever the motives, the outcome is in line with what people have been wanting to see for a long time. Putin’s insane genocide attempt has really snapped a lot of us out of our happy little dream; economic ties do not guarantee security or stability when dealing with autocrats.


makesyoudownvote t1_is8hdpi wrote

I feel everyone needs to be reminded.

#VenMo is also PayPal.

PayPal bought VenMo in 2012. The only real difference between the two is the UI and the social media implementation.


mooingmango t1_is8hsty wrote

I'm really surprised that PayPal has a China presence, given how tightly the CCP controls the flow of foreign currency.

Plus, any Chinese would be using AliPay or WeChat Pay anyway, which have universal acceptance in China and does pretty much the same thing.

They're not winning that market any day, and could be booted out any day. Yet still with the sinking ship, such fools...


makesyoudownvote t1_is8uq2f wrote

Yeah, there is definitely way more going on here than it appears on the surface. I wouldn't be surprised if this is because of CCP posing a direct threat to a higher up at PayPal. Probably arrest their family or something.


Anti_Alphabet t1_is82rub wrote

It’s awesome that companies can do this. /s


Meesterchongo t1_is8dpi5 wrote

You mean the state of China imposing this than yea….. not companies


[deleted] t1_isami9t wrote



farmtownsuit t1_isaolhh wrote

Hasn't been for quite a while. I'm not sure he was ever the "owner" but he was one of the founders I believe.


BoricPenguin t1_is870w4 wrote

Sad but makes sense, China is a horrible country while also being a massive economic which creates a problem for companies since well if you stand up you're gone so not really a smart move.