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PoorPDOP86 t1_iu46ohp wrote

Rural of course meaning "proper" communities that "vote correctly" aka Democrats. You're not going to see places like Boonville, NY or Sulphur Springs, TX ever see money for this.


Flowzyy t1_iu48sno wrote

Just because red leaders pull this bullshit, doesn’t mean everyone does…

Don’t forget about all those congressmen who shit on Biden’s bills then turned around and bragged to their constituents on the hard work they did to secure funds for their district/state


JonSnowL2 t1_iu48xgs wrote

Let’s hope. Enough people already can’t tell the difference between a fact from a real source, and some non sense from Russian propaganda website. Don’t need to give these people even easier internet access to get further radicalized


Thesonomakid t1_iu4c542 wrote

Neither of those two places will receive funding because they don’t qualify. Both Booneville, NY and Sulphur Springs, TX both have gig-speed internet available.


Minorous t1_iu49g1k wrote

It's never good enough for you right? Republican give trillions to corporations you dimwits don't even bat an eye. Here they're trying to help communities, students and less fortunate and here we are, moron is beating his drums and expunging his ignorance.


nick1812216 t1_iu4pmrv wrote

Isn’t the ratio of federal aid received vs federal tax paid higher for red states than blue states?