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mdielmann t1_iu6r5f6 wrote

No, I'm saying a 10% drop isn't an issue.

To clarify, where I live it is recommended to not get below 25% fuel remaining, preferably not below 50%, in the winter. Low fuel levels can lead to frost in your tank and then to frozen fuel lines. So this would be a positive impact in my region.


iPlayWithWords13 t1_iu6s3vg wrote

Then thank God you don't build cars. Jesus, you're dumb.


mdielmann t1_iu7jgkv wrote

So I'm dumb because I've experienced this before, or I'm dumb because the mechanic said this was the problem? Just trying to clarify.


iPlayWithWords13 t1_iu7l8dt wrote

You're dumb because I'm a quality engineer that has access to the data on this problem lol


mdielmann t1_iu7ohsq wrote

And yet you don't understand the risks of driving an ICE car under extreme cold conditions. I'm not saying you don't have a job in this market, but this situation isn't exactly unheard of. Sometimes the drawing board and real-world experience don't match up.


iPlayWithWords13 t1_iu7pm5l wrote

The risks of driving a vehicle with a combustion engine vs an electric engine in extreme cold is significantly less. The propulsion systems in EV are more prone to failure where as with an ICE, as long as you give the car ample time to warm up, you're fine.