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TheCriticalAmerican t1_iuhfvux wrote

>How will the economy respond to a slowing pace of innovation? Or will investments into quantum computing supplant silicon?

This is my big question too - TSMC is barreling towards a future that has a literally dead end at it and I don't know what their plan is. I think the next big thing will be a shift to something like photonics chips - something China is already doing.


TheLianeonProject t1_iuhkria wrote

Glad I am not the only one wondering this. Do you have any good resources on photonics? Would like to write about it.

Given that chip production and new innovations, in general, are becoming more and more capital intensive, it probably make sense to make massive investments into emerging technology now, to head off tech stagnation in the coming decades.


685327593 t1_iuia91x wrote

In most industries tiny improvements are the norm. It's very unusual for an industry to be able to improve as quickly as the semiconductor industry has and it should be obvious it can't keep going forever.