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axecrazyorc t1_iudth15 wrote

Then that’s not a criticism of nuclear power, it’s a criticism of of the government. Which is fully valid.

It’s also worth noting that the Fukushima reactor’s safety systems did EXACTLY what they were designed to do. The plant didn’t melt down, it flooded in a record-setting tsunami caused by the largest earthquake in Japanese history. Even then it caused 1 death from radiation poisoning and 13 non-fatal injuries. I’d say that’s pretty impressive all things considered. Hell, even the WHO said any increased risk of cancer due to radiation exposure was negligible, with radiation levels in the area being under 10 mSv over a lifetime, compared to 170 mSv from just normal background radiation.


Dr-Beeps t1_iuemaxq wrote

The dumb Germans started shutting down their plants because of Fukushima. Stupid considering they don’t have earthquakes and no coastline to speak of.


axecrazyorc t1_iuenliq wrote

r/mildlyinfuriating material, that. Imagine Americans suddenly having a debilitating fear of geothermal after a volcano in Hawaii…

Actually I can 100% imagine that happening if politicians put the right spin on it. Probably say something about Yellowstone. Iirc that’s how it went in Germany; politicians with fossil fuel ties hit the ground running and drove a panic about how “DaNgErOuS” nuclear power is. And seeing as how the average person of any nation has as much sense as a goose, and only get stupider the more you group together, it wasn’t hard to convince them that every reactor in Europe was a hard rain from glassing the entire continent.