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685327593 t1_iufb2y1 wrote

There's plenty of things that should be outright banned, this just isn't one of them.


XkF21WNJ t1_iufct4w wrote

Yep, though you should always be careful what mechanisms you allow to be used to ban stuff. It's no surprise they're trying to use laws designed for terrorist and child sexual abuse, those are often the ones used as justification for mechanisms that would seem excessively authoritarian otherwise (those and money laundering).

The danger with allowing tools like this to exist is always that people get weird ideas about what other things they can be used for. Doesn't matter how loudly anyone promised they'll never be used for anything else.


leopard_tights t1_iufdufs wrote

Kids on social media should be banned straight away. It should be banned for everyone but we can't take it away from the adults.


bakfietsman69 t1_iui7jnl wrote

my brother in christ, you are literally posting this on a social media platform


leopard_tights t1_iuiq4cp wrote

Reddit is more like an old forum. It's still anonymous, separated by topics, you follow those topics, not people, etc.

I don't care though, ban Reddit too.


Mundane_Magi t1_iugsxvm wrote

We should ban the public exercise of religion.
These people wanna act all persecuted, let’s make it their reality.

I mean not that I have anything against that kind of thing, I just don’t think it should ever EVER be seen in public. I mean how the hell am I supposed to explain the weekly human-sacrifice-and-ritualistic-cannibalism role playing to my kids???

Love the evil cultist, hate their evil cult.