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Bangaladore t1_iuajhzd wrote

What browser do you use? This is a chromium feature, so unless you are using Firefox, you have been conned.


pfaccioxx t1_iuan3vk wrote

I'm well aware that prity much everything besides Firefox, Safari, forks of those 2 browsers, and a few other super obscure browsers that almost no one uses everything is based of Google's chromium engine. I persanalay beleave people in general should switch away from chromium browsers in order to prevent Google from forming a browser monopoly, but I understand that for some people that's not realistic. But even for those people who need to use a chromium browser, there is literally 0 reason to use Google Crome besides laziness ^(if it was pre-set as the default browser on there computer), and the slight convenience of being able to integrate directly with some Google services ^(almost all of witch have just as as viable if not better alternatives) as most chromium browsers are better then Google Chrome, and individual web browser maintainers can alter there browser beyond the base code of chromium to implement things base chromium dos not or to retain things that Google is removing ^(although that requires extra work on those browser's maintainers, most of witch realistically are not going to do so beyond what they have to)


patrys t1_iuat1sf wrote

Chromium is not a rendering engine, it’s a “chrome” (another word for user interface) engine. Chromium browsers are based on Blink which itself is a WebKit fork. WebKit is the Safari fork of KHTML which was an open source rendering engine created for KDE.


thenerdal t1_iub7r99 wrote

Chromium isn't an engine, Blink is. And it's not Google's but it's developed by 80 different companies.


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thenerdal t1_iubfpu7 wrote

Nah chromium is a project, Blink is the engine to it but it's developed by more companies.